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Video Feedback Videos of Vertical Cutting Dryer and Decanter Centrifuge on Site

As China’s domestic environmental protection requirements continue to increase, oil drilling sites also require mud not to be treated on the ground. In addition, this scheme has been widely used in international market of many countries.

Main configured equipment ordered by our client covers TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer, TRLW355N-1 high speed centrifuge, mud tank and other auxiliary accessories. Drilling waste management is known as drilling fluid non-grounding, which refers to the use of mud non-grounding equipment to filter out the waste in drilling fluid. Mud non-ground treatment equipment can turn waste drilling mud into treasure, since oil-based mud is a kind of hazardous waste. Drilling waste management produced by TR Solids Control can make the waste oil-based drilling mud treated and reused, which not only reduces drilling cost, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection.

The followings are live videos of customer feedback.

TR Vertical Cutting Dryer Running Video

TR Decanter Centrifuge Running Video

TR Decanter Centrifuge Running Video

Oil Based Mud Not-landing System Ready for Shipment

The oil-based mud not landing system customized by a domestic customer helps the environmental protection of oil drilling mud not landing again. With the continuous improvement of domestic environmental protection requirements in China, in order to respond to and adapt to the national environmental protection requirements, the oil drilling site also requires mud not to land

Oil Based Mud Not-landing System
Oil Based Mud Not-landing System

Mud not landing system is the common name of drilling waste treatment, also known as drilling fluid does not land, refers to the use of mud not landing equipment to screen the waste in drilling fluid. The equipment for mud not falling to the ground generally includes drying shaker, drilling cuttings dryer and high-speed mud centrifuge.

Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

Drilling waste mud can be turned into treasure by the mud treatment equipment without landing, because oil-based mud is a kind of hazardous waste, and the state has strict requirements for hazardous waste treatment. The mud treatment equipment produced by TianRui can reuse the waste oil-based drilling mud after treatment, which not only reduces the drilling cost, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Vertical Cutting Dryer
Vertical Cutting Dryer

TianRui solid control has always adhered to the enterprise concept of “customer satisfaction is the highest pursuit of TianRui solid control”, and constantly develops new mud purification equipment. We thank our customers for their trust in us, and we will continue to work hard to make greater contributions to drilling mud purification and national environmental protection.

TR Solids Control attends the 2020 China Marine Economic Expo.

TR Solids Control attends the the 2020 China Marine Economic Expo will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 15th to 18th. Our booth number is 1B-T022 . We exhibited TRCD800 vertical cutting dryer,TRSB3×2 centrifugal pump head,TRLWF450X1250N decanter centrifuge and TRZS584 shale shaker. Welcome all partners and customers to visit our booth and discuss cooperation. We are sincerely looking forward to your visiting and consulting.

2020 China Marine Economic Expo
Our booth number : 1B-T022

In this exhibition, we showed our newly designed drill cuttings dryer and Mission series centrifugal pump. Vertical cutting dryer is a type of drying machine for treating sludge in drilling waste management. It can be called vertical centrifuge from structure. Centrifugal Pump is used for transferring slurry or water. It can be used as feeding pump for desander and desilter, or used as mixing pump for jet mud mixer. From 930 series vertical cutting dryer to 800 series dryer, from SB8×6 centrifugal pump to the SB3×2 centrifugal pump, the classic designs of TR conform to the important development of oil drilling environmental protection equipment requirements.

 TRCD730 vertical cutting dryer
TRCD730 vertical cutting dryer
 TRSB3×2 Centrifugal Pump Head
TRSB3×2 Centrifugal Pump Head

We also showed TRLW series decanter centrifuge is that widely used in trenchless HDDcity bored pilingoil & gas drillingDrilling Waste Managementtunneling construction, environment protection, chemical Industry, food industry, Pharmaceutical Industry,Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System, Oil Mud Seperation, mining, Water Drilling etc. And TR series shale shaker is a high strength vibrating screen independently in order to meet the domestic and international market demand and environmental protection requirements. Dual motion shaker with three motors,two kinds of motion trajectory can be switched at will to meet different needs of customers.

 TRLWF450×1250N Decanter Centrifuge
TRLWF450×1250N Decanter Centrifuge
TRZS584 Shale Shaker
TRZS584 Shale Shaker

TR Solids Control is a well-know manufacturer of solids control equipment in China. We have established a complete quality control system, all products & equipment manufactured as per international standard and API standard. At present, our company has formed more than 50 series and more than 100 specifications of products, which have been widely used in all oil fields in China and have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa and other regions.

Working Principle of Centrifuge

What is the working principle of centrifuge? Let’s start with what centrifugation is.

Centrifugation is the use of centrifugal force produced by the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal rotor to accelerate the settling speed of particles in the liquid and separate the substances with different settling coefficients and buoyancy densities in the sample. Therefore, it is necessary to use strong centrifugal force to force these particles to overcome the diffusion and produce sedimentation movement.

Working Principle of Centrifuge
Working Principle of Centrifuge

There is a cylinder rotating at high speed around its axis, called a drum, which is usually driven by a motor. When suspension (or emulsion) is added to the drum, it is rapidly driven to rotate with the drum at the same speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, each component is separated and discharged separately. Usually, the higher the rotating speed of the drum, the better the separation effect.

TR Series Centrifuge
TR Series Centrifuge

According to the structure and separation requirements, industrial centrifuges can be divided into filter centrifuges, sedimentation centrifuges and separators.

Filtration centrifuge: centrifuge for centrifugal filtration, centrifuge relying on filter screen and centrifugal force.

The working principle of the filter centrifuge: there are many small holes in the wall of the drum, there is a filter screen (filter cloth) in the wall, the suspension rotates in the drum, and the liquid phase is thrown out of the screen by centrifugal force, while the solid particles are intercepted by the screen, forming a filter cake, thus realizing the solid-liquid separation.

Scope of application: suspension with high solid content and large solid particles (d > 10 um).

Settlement centrifuge: A new type of horizontal screw discharge centrifuge, its working principle is to use the difference of solid-liquid specific gravity, and rely on the centrifugal force field to expand it thousands of times, the solid phase is settled under the centrifugal force, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation, and discharge the body separately under the action of a special mechanism.

The working principle of sedimentation centrifuge is that there are no holes on the drum and no filters. The suspension rotates at high speed with the drum, and different centrifugal inertia forces are produced due to the different proportion of solid and liquid phases. Solid particles with large centrifugal force are deposited on the inner wall of the drum, while liquid phase is deposited in the inner layer, and then separately discharged from different outlets to achieve the purpose of separation.

Scope of application: less solid content and smaller solid particles (d < 10 um).

TR Series Centrifuge
TR Series Centrifuge

Above is the detailed introduction of the working principle of centrifuge, we must understand these principles, in order to better use the practice.

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TR Decanter Centrifuge is good helper in solid control system

TR Decanter Centrifuge is one kind of the TR Solids Control‘s superior quality products. TR Decanter Centrifuge also called Mud Decanter CentrifugeMud decanter centrifuge adopts centrifugal force to separate solid particles out of drilling fluid. Different solid or particle have different density and flow speed,  mud decanter centrifuge also can separate particles as different size and density.  mud decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, mineral beneficiation, water treatment, etc. industries.
The feed enters the bowl through a stationary inlet tube and is accelerated smoothly by an inlet rotor. The resulting drilling mud decanter centrifuge forces make the solids collect on the wall of the bowl. The conveyor and the bowl rotate in the same direction, but at different speeds, which has the effect of moving the solids towards the conical end of the bowl for removal.



Decanter Centrifuge | Mud Decanter Centrifuge | Drilling Fluid Decanter Centrifuge

Features and Benefits:

  • Drum straight segment and pyramid segment are made of 2205 duplex stainless steel material. The centrifugal casting process is adopted.
  • The rest of the drum assembly all adopt stainless steel material SS316L.
  • Spiral propeller composed of wear resistant alloy sheet protection.Long service life. Easy replacement.
  • The flow of a screw feeder and drain hole of the drum adopt replaceable wear-resistant alloy sleeve protection.Delay service life and maintenance cycle.

We are TR Solids Control in China. We devoted  our mind to solid control over 10 years. Believe TR, Believe concentration. Every consultation is an opportunity to make friends with you. Look forward to working with you.

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