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Solid Control Systems Sent to kyrgyzstan

In the hustle and bustle of international trade, it is not uncommon for goods to and from countries around the world. One such example is the solids control systems recently sent to Kyrgyzstan by TR Solids Control, a well-known ISO9001 certified solids control equipment manufacturer.

TR Solids Control’s solids control systems are designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability. It incorporates unique technologies, such as mud shale shaker and vacuum degassers, for increased efficiency, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Solids control system has also been tested and certified to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

solids control system, solids control equipment

Solids control systems are essential tools in the oil and gas industry, handling drilling fluids and regulating pressure and temperature during drilling. With its high-quality features and advanced technology, the system is a key component in ensuring the success of field operations.
As an international company, TR Solids Control is committed to producing only the best solids control equipment. Through continuous innovation and improvement of production methods, the company has become a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry. With its strict quality control and strict adherence to industry standards, the company has earned the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.

mud shale shaker, solids control systems

The recent delivery of a solids control systems to Kyrgyzstan marks another milestone for TR Solids Control as the company continues to expand its reach and provide first-class service to customers around the world. The shipment was carried out with the utmost care and discretion, and every detail of the project was meticulously planned and executed to ensure timely delivery and installation.
The shipment of the solids control systems to Kyrgyzstan demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and excellence, and its ability to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry for top-of-the-line equipment. With this shipment, TR Solids Control has further strengthened its leadership in the field, providing reliable and innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

solids control system manufacturer,solids control equipment supplier

In conclusion, the recent delivery of TR Solids Control’s solids control systems to Kyrgyzstan is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operations. With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality, the company has become the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solids control equipment. As the company continues to expand its reach and provide top-notch service to clients across the globe, it is sure to remain at the forefront of the industry for many years to come.

ZJ30 Solid Control System has Entered the Key Stage of Installation and Commissioning

Solid control system and solid control equipment manufacturer TR Solids Control recently announced an important milestone in expanding its international influence. The ZJ30 solid control system designed and customized to meet the needs of foreign client has entered the key stage of installation and commissioning.

ZJ30 Solid Control System

This latest development clearly proves that TR is unswervingly committed to providing reliable and effective solutions for customers around the world. ZJ30 solid control system has cutting-edge technology and world-class engineering design, designed to help foreign customers effectively manage drilling operations.

Installation of ZJ30 solid control system.

This system is a major upgrade of the old model and is expected to provide unparalleled performance in mud processing, treatment and recovery. It is equipped with advanced functions, including high-speed centrifuge, powerful vacuum degasser and cutting-edge sand pump.

high-speed centrifuge

“Our team in TR is proud to announce that we have reached another milestone in our continuous efforts to provide the best solutions for global customers,” said the company spokesman. “We believe that our ZJ30 solid control system will bring outstanding results and have a positive impact on our customers’ drilling operations.”

Commissioning of ZJ30 solid control system.

As the global demand for drilling services and equipment continues to grow, TR Solids Control continues to invest in cutting-edge technology and world-class projects, making it a leader in the global market. The company’s solid control system and equipment have been applied in many industries from oil and gas exploration to mining and mining, and have won a reliable, efficient and effective reputation.

Introduction of mud solid control system

The role of slurry:
cooling the drill bit, carrying drilling cuttings, Balanced formation pressure, to prevent hole sloughing, to prevent the kick.
The function of solid control system:
Remove drilling cuttings to ensure mud performance
Solid control system configuration:
The solid control system is the equipment chosen according to the depth of drilling. The same depth of well in different geographical, equipment choices are also different, but not by much.Generally, we will choose the equipmentthe according to the model of the rig. From ZJ20 to ZJ90, In general, below ZJ30 drilling rig only requires 3 levels of solid control equipment, i.e., drilling fluid shale shaker, desander, desilter. Above ZJ30, it is five levels purification equipment. Mud shale shaker,vacuum degasser, desander,desilter, drilling liquid centrifuge. Among them, mud tank is indispensable. Common mud tank specifications are as follows:95000×2300×2100mm, 125000×2400×2300mm,The number of mud tanks is calculated according to the total volume of drilling mud, Choose the right quantity and size. The total mud capacity of 20 drilling RIGS is about 120 cubic meters, The total mud capacity of 30 drilling RIGS is 240 cubic meters, 40 drilling rigs is 260 cubic meters, 50drilling rigs is 320 cubic meters, 70 drilling rigs is 420 cubic meters. 90 drilling rigs is 540 cubic meters. The amount of circulating mud to be treated is about 65% of the total volume. The disposal capacity of all kinds of solid control equipment can be selected to meet the circulating mud volume or larger. The solid control system is equipped with these basic principle , specific according to the rig model, or customer requirements flexible choice.

TR Solid control system, mud recovery system, mud purification system

Solid control system, mud recovery system, mud purification system

The main equipment in the fixed control system will never change, i.e., 5 levels purification equipment. mud shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge. The selection of equipment is flexible according to different drilling RIGS, and other auxiliary equipment is indispensable. Desander, desilter must be powered by sand pump one on one.The centrifuge can choose submersible slurry pump or screw pump for pulp supply. In addition to the shaker screen tank and the air tank, the mud tank must have a mud agitator(The principle is to be bigger than smaller) . Where there is a agitator, a mud gun must be carried. The mud gun can flush the dead Angle of the tank and start the auxiliary agitator. In addition, the jet mud mixer in the solid control system is also indispensable. The jet mud mixer can exist as a single individual or can be connected directly to the end of the mixing tank.Connected by manifold.

TR Solids Control have been focused on solid control equipment more than 10 years. We passed API and ISO9001 certifications early in the industry.Our products have been exported into 40 countries and regions.  We provide you with practical solutions and pre-sale and after-sales service. Your satisfaction is our constant pursuit.

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Basic knowledge of mud solid control system

The generation of solid control system:
Mud enters the formation through the drill pipe in the course of drilling. After application, it is discharged together with drilling waste liquid. Mud is expensive and can damage the environment, In this case, the solid control system emerges at the historic moment.
Overview of solid control system:
Solid control system also called Drilling mud circulation system mud purification system. Mud circulation system is one of the important system in the complete set of drilling rig. In the course of drilling, especially in deep well drilling,rock formations, layers of steam, or underground hot springs are often encountered. The great friction of rock blocks is very harmful to the drill bit In the course of rock drilling. It is easy to cause well surge and blowout when gas layer or hot spring is encountered in drilling, mud is used in this case.
Mud usually contains a lot of suspended matter,colloidal water,oil,oil water mixture.Mud can be divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and mixed mud.Mud can effectively lubricate the bit.Mud with barite and flocculent can effectively balance the bottom pressure.It can prevent well blowout and well surge.
The function of solid control:
Solid control system mainly includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, horizontal decanter centrifuge and other solid control equipment.These fixtures are like a series of sieves of different sizes,the mud can be purified by layer filtration.

TR Mud purification system | TR Mud solid control system

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