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Pyramid Shaker Screens Shipped to Poland

Shaker screens are common vulnerable parts of all kinds shale shaker and mud cleaner in drilling industry. After 7 days’ preparation and production, we completed 20pcs customized pyramid shaker screens for old Poland customer. Last year, he ordered 10 samples from us and completed the test. This is his second repurchase order for their NOV Brandt shale shaker.

Pyramid shaker screens are completed for European customer.

Dimension of these pyramid shaker screens is 915×1200 mm. Our client chose API 60 for larger sieving particles application. Since shipment by train is much faster and cheaper, they preferred this method to the station. Compared with hook strip flat and soft screen, pyramid shaker screen has more available screening non-blank areas. Test shows that the capacity of the shaker gets about a three-fold improvement due to the screen’s corrugations. While this screen still maintains the equivalent cut-point level of flat shaker screen. This application reduces the number of shakers. Thus less space and less cost are realized. Three-dimensional shaker screen is absolute a superior replacement screen for many kinds of shale shakers.

Shaker screens are common vulnerable parts of shale shaker and mud cleaner.

TR Solids Control could supply one-stop service for all your shaker screen requirements. We have been the leading China OEM supplier with quality, high performance shaker screen for over 10 years. Currently our shaker screens are available for FLC Series, Brandt VSM, Cobra Series, Swaco Mongoose and KEM-TRON shale shakers. We accept customized shale shaker screen as per client’s needs. Please send screen models, size, color, or drawings for an inquiry.

FLC500 PMD Shaker Screen

FLC500 PMD Shaker Screen is used to Derrick 503 Shale Shaker.500 PMD Shaker Screen is popular in Saudi Arabia.

FLC PMD Shaker Screen|Mud Shaker Screen|China Shaker Screen

Different layers with different density.To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more and better. Screen with different mesh counts with suitable opening sizes of the backing plate. Doing so, our products will obtain the largest effective area under the condition of enough strength.

The bottom layer with low mesh counts has coarse wire and can be tight bonded to the backing to make up one block. So the strength of whole screen mesh get up and the useful life is increased.

Advantages of FLC500 PMD Shaker Screen

1. Wear-resisting
2. long service life,
3. Higher flow rate
4. Easy disassembly
5. Trapping (dreg) effect is good
6. Technical expertise
7.Material: SS304 / SS316L

Technical Parameters Of FLC500 PMD Shaker Screen

Body Material Stainless Steel Plate
Place of Origin Hebei,China (Mainland)
Voltage N/A
After-Sales Service Provide Overseas third-party support available
Product Name API 20 – 325 Dimension 1050* 695mm Shale Shaker Screen for Effective Filter Area
Sample Free

FLC500 PMD Shaker Screen|Drilling Shaker Screen|Mud Shale Shaker Screen

FLC500 PMD Shaker Screen|Drilling Shaker Screen|Mud Shale Shaker Screen

TR Solid Control is also an exporter of mud shale Shaker Screen,drilling fluid shale shsker and related FLC PMD Shaker Screen.Welcome to TR Solid Control to consult and guide the mud shale shaker and other solid control equipment.

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