Basic knowledge of mud solid control system

The generation of solid control system:
Mud enters the formation through the drill pipe in the course of drilling. After application, it is discharged together with drilling waste liquid. Mud is expensive and can damage the environment, In this case, the solid control system emerges at the historic moment.
Overview of solid control system:
Solid control system also called Drilling mud circulation system mud purification system. Mud circulation system is one of the important system in the complete set of drilling rig. In the course of drilling, especially in deep well drilling,rock formations, layers of steam, or underground hot springs are often encountered. The great friction of rock blocks is very harmful to the drill bit In the course of rock drilling. It is easy to cause well surge and blowout when gas layer or hot spring is encountered in drilling, mud is used in this case.
Mud usually contains a lot of suspended matter,colloidal water,oil,oil water mixture.Mud can be divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and mixed mud.Mud can effectively lubricate the bit.Mud with barite and flocculent can effectively balance the bottom pressure.It can prevent well blowout and well surge.
The function of solid control:
Solid control system mainly includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, horizontal decanter centrifuge and other solid control equipment.These fixtures are like a series of sieves of different sizes,the mud can be purified by layer filtration.

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