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A Batch of Solid Control Equipment Delivery

After in-depth communication and discussion with customer and on-the-spot investigation of customer, TR has reached cooperation with customer.

A Batch of Solid Control Equipment Delivery
A Batch of Solid Control Equipment Delivery

Dozens of solid control equipment have been completed production and sent to the project construction site on July 12, 2021.

TR Solid Control Equipment Delivery
TR Solid Control Equipment Delivery

This order includes two shale shakers, two mud cleaners, two vacuum degassers, ten mud agitators and four centrifugal pumps.The hot summer can’t stop TR employees from delivering goods for customers. TR employees work overtime to deliver a batch of solid control equipment in advance for customers.Any inquiry, please contact:<sunny@trsolidscontrol.com>.

TR Shale Shaker and Mud Cleaner sent to foreign oilfield

The TRZS703 linear shale shaker and TRQJ703-2S16N mud cleaner produced by TR Solids Control will be sent to foreign oil field to serve foreign oil drilling site.
Shale shaker and mud cleaner are two important equipment in the mud solid control system. The shale shaker is the first stage mud treatment equipment in the solid control system. It is mainly used to remove the larger drilling debris particles in the mud, which plays a great role in maintaining the performance of the drilling fluid and ensuring the treatment effect and service life of the second stage desander at the back The second and third stage mud treatment equipment consists of desilter.

TRZS703 linear shale shaker
TRZS703 linear shale shaker
 TRQJ703-2S16N mud cleaner
TRQJ703-2S16N mud cleaner

According to the requirements of customers, the motors of the shale shaker and the mud cleaner are all equipped with Martin motor. Considering the interchangeability of the user’s vulnerable parts, our company selects TRZS703 linear shale shaker for the underflow screen of the mud cleaner, and the shaker screen specification is 700mm × 1250mm, which reduces the storage types of vulnerable parts of customers.
TR Solids Control is a manufacturer of solid control equipment and solid control system. It can provide customized parameters for customers, that is, to produce suitable equipment and systems for customers according to customers’ requirements. If necessary, they can contact, communicate and contact at any time.

TR Mud Cleaner is used abroad.

Mud cleaner is a solid control equipment that combines desander and desilter with shale shaker. At present, the Swaco Mongoose mud cleaner we have customized for a foreign customer is ready to be sent to the port. TR Solids Control has gone through eight years since inception. At present, TR Solids Control  has already  been ranked as a well-known brand along with international brands Swaco and Derrick.

TRQJ300*2S-100*12N Mud Cleaner

TRQJ300*2S-100*12N Mud Cleaner

TR Solids Control has always adhered to the original concept of providing customers with the highest quality products.”Customer Satisfaction is TR Solids Control’s Highest Pursuit”. With the development of drilling industry, we have developed and produced three mud shale shaker with vibration motor. The trajectory of compound trajectory shale shaker can be changed under the condition of non-stop operation, so the screening effect is different.

TRSB6*5-14J Centrifugal Pump

TRSB6*5-14J Centrifugal Pump

For this order, it is made up of 2 sets TRQJ300*2S-100*12N mud cleaners, 4 pcs TRSB6*5-14J centrifugal pumps and some spare parts. As the main supply pump to mud cleaner, centrifugal pump is applied to transferring slurry or mud or water. Our TRSB6*5-14J centrifugal pump has large flow rate 200m3/h, and its lift can arrive 35m. So they have enough power to drive TRQJ300*2S-100*12N mud cleaner with large capacity 260m3/h. Mud cleaner and centrifugal pump are good match in solids control system, especially for oilfield drilling application.


Xi’an TianRui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a solid control euquipment manufacturer combined with R&D,sales and service.

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TRQJ Mud Cleaner for US Trenchless Project

Recently, TR finished the factory delivery inspection of two sets TRQJ200*2S-100*16N mud cleaner that will be used in USA for a big trenchless project. This has the fifth time that this client purchased TR solids control equipment. They give a high evaluation about our product and services.

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Drilling fluids cleaner is the second and third stage solids control equipment for treating drilling fluid. TR Solids Control is professional in manufacturing desilter and desander. It consists of desanderdesilter and underflow shale shaker. It has higher cleaning ability compared with separate desander and desilter. In addition to reasonable design process, it equals another shale shaker. It is an high-efficiency equipment in mud solids control system.

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Main Specification of TRQJ Series Cleaner

Model TRQJ200×1S-100×4N TRQJ200×2S-100×8N TRQJ250×2S-100×12N TRQJ25×3S-100×20N
Capacity 60m³/h 120m³/h 240m³/h 320m³/h
Desander Cyclone Specs 8″ 10″
Desander Cyclone Qty 1 2 2 3
Desilter Cyclone Specs 4″
Desilter Cyclone Qty 4 8 12 20
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4mpa
Inlet Size DN125mm DN150mm DN150mm DN200mm
Outlet Size DN150mm DN200mm DN200mm DN250mm
Separation Point 15μm~44μm
Bottom Shaker TRZS60 TRZS752 TRZS752 TRZS703
Dimension 1.51×1.16×2.0m 1.835×1.23×1.81m 1.835×1.23×1.81m 2.42×2.15×2.15m
Weight 600kg 980kg 1250kg 2350 kg
Remark All could be customized without bottom shaker.

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TRQJ series drilling cleaner is widely used in oil & gas drilling, trenchless HDD, city bored piling, tunneling construction, Drilling Waste Management, environment protection, mining, etc. Customer’s satisfaction is the highest pursuit of TR Solids Control. We are expecting to be service of you!


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