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shaker screen-the important part of your shaker

The screen is one of the most important components of the drilling shale shaker. It is also a metal mesh layer that acts directly on the drilling fluid and is subjected to solid-liquid separation.Applying the international advanced technology, mechanized production methods, Xi’an Tianrui solid control manufactures Tianrui brand shaker screens and replacement screen of internationally renowned brands that ranges from API20 to API400. Xi’an Tianrui screen has the advantages of  long life, good separation effect and meets the US API standard together with API certificate. TR solid control oilfield shale shaker is divided into four categories: frame screen(wave and flat screen), hook strip screen(wave and flat screen), hook strip soft screen and slot screen. Xi’an Tianrui not only make their own brand screen, but also can provide customized screen according to client’s requirements.,such as the well-known brands Derrick, Swaco, Brandt.

Hook Strip Flat Screen


The screen is made of metal wire with excellent wear resistance.Generally speaking, any ductile metal or alloy can be used to weave the screen, but commonly used ones are stainless steel, Monel alloy, Brass, tin bronze, aluminum and other alloys. Threaded braided screen has minimal changes in shrinkage or elongation due to temperature,together with the advantages of high strength, long life. Its resistance to temperature changes and corrosion resistance depends on the composition of the metal properties of the screen. Threads of the same (or different) diameter can be knitted into screens of different models (mesh numbers) in various ways. At present, due to the special physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid, most of the drilling fluid vibrating shaker screens are made of stainless steel wire with strong corrosion resistance.

TR Hook Strip PMD Wave Screen

Xi’an TR Solid Control is one professional mud equipment manufacturer.TR Solid Control provide series of mud treatment equipment such as shale shaker,desander,desilter,jet mud mixer and so on for oilfield,HDD & trenchless system,tunnel boring system,etc. TR is your best choice in drilling mud cleaning.


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