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FLC-2000(48×30)Shaker Screen

48×30 screens are commonly called FLC-2000 shaker screens, they fit all Derrick FLC 2000 3-panel and 4-panel shale shakers. They are available in Pyramid(PMD), Pyramid Plus(PMD+) and PWP panels. Fast, easy and reliable panel tensioning is provided by two pairs of Rapid-change draw bolts on each side of each screen panel.

48×30 hp shaker screen,PWP 48X30 Shaker Screen

48×30 hp shaker screen,PWP 48X30 Shaker Screen

Please find following parameters of FLC-2000(48×30)Shaker Screen

FLC-2000(48×30)Shaker Screen
Mesh  API20—API450
Dimension  Length:1053mm (41 1/2”)
 Width: 697mm (27 2/5”)
Weight  PWP: 4.2kg (9.24lb)
 PMD: 5.8kg (12.76lb)
Screen layer  2 or 3 Layers
Wire mesh material  S.S304 ,S.S316 (Customizable)
Frame material  Carbon steel

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