TRF series Steel frame shale shaker screen

TRF series Steel frame shale shaker screen

Frame shaker screen is one commonly used in oil drilling mud shaker screen,sometimes called rock shaker screen.There are two kinds of frame according to the frame material:steel frame and composite frame. TRF series of shale shaker screen refers to the steel frame ones.The shaker screen design is mainly composed of the steel frame and 2 to 3 layers of screen cloth. The stainless steel screen frame is made of high strength square steel or flat steel with reinforced support bars. The screen cloth can be joined to the frame by metal liner or directly bonded to the frame. According to the needs of different customers,TR can supply a variety of specifications of the size of the steel frame screen.

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Features: wearable, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance
Specifications: Thickness: 0.3-8mm, short pitch: 3-80mm, long pitch: 3-200mm, the largest width: 2.0mm;Shaker screen mesh size:40-325.
Material: can be divided into ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium, nickel, and so on.

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TRF Series Steel Frame Shaker Screen Size Chart

Model Model for Shaker Mesh Range DimensionLxW(mm) Weight(kg)
TRF-1 BRAANDT BL-50 40-325 1253X635 13.5
TRF-2 BRANDT VSM300 40-325 913X650 12.6
TRF-3 SWACO MONGOOSE 40-325 1165X585 14
TRF-4 KENTRON 48 SERIES 40-325 1120X720 17.5
TRF-5 SF300 40-325 712X1180 15
TRF-6 TRZS703 40-325 1250X700 13
TRF-7 TRZS852 40-325 1250X850 16
TRF-8 TRZS752 40-325 900X750 10

TR Solid Control is one professional shaker screen manufacturer and exporter specialized in oil drilling solid control equipment and system.TR shaker screen are divided into frame screen,hook strip screen,hook strip soft screen.TR solid control can also provide customized screen and the replacement of Derrick,Swaco and Brandt.TR is your best choice in solid control equipment and shaker screen.

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