Basic function of TR mud agitator

Mud agitator is a pot-type drilling fluid solid control equipment combined with reduction gear and explosion-proof electric machine. It is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, easy maintenance, it is suitable for use under harsh working conditions in the field. Mud agitator has high stirring strength, wide spread range, and reduce starting resistance moment.

Mud agitator consists of explosion-proof eletric machine, reduction gear, engine base and pulsator components. Motor and reduction gear, reduction gear and wave wheel ,all are connected by rigid coupling.The wave wheel is welded by four blades.The agitator can generate eddy motion, thus enhancing the stirring effect. A tray sandwiched between blades also prevents the mud solids deposited around the lower blade after the stop.In this way, the resistance moment of sediment to the blade can be reduced when starting. This prevents the motor from burning out due to starting overload.

Mud agitator is a mud solid control system which make the drilling fluid continuously and reliably stirred for maintaining the uniformity of drilling fluid and suspending solid phase particles. Drilling cuttings are the main component of harmful solid phase.To remove harmful solids, they must be suspended and then injected into a desander,desilter and decanter centrifuge. Useful solid phase, such as all kinds of weight materials(hematite, blanc fixe) and a small amount of bentonite also needs to be suspended uniformly to keep the density and other properties of drilling fluid stable. Therefore, mud agitator is required to work reliably and continuously to avoid the precipitation in solid phase.
Mud agitator is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, to prevent the solid phase particles of drilling fluid from depositing in tank circulating system and make the performance of circulating drilling fluid stable and the mixture is even.In order to maintain the uniformity of drilling fluid and suspended solid phase particles, mud agitator needs to be installed on the circulating tank. Mud agitator plays an important role in accelerating the reaction, dissolution and wetting of drilling fluid materials(bentonite,barite) and chemical additives. The mixing increases the contact area between the phase interface and makes the two phases interact with each other at a high speed.

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TR Solids Control is an exporter of mud agitator, and also a leading manufacturer of solid control equipment in China. TR has been focused on solid control equipment over 10 years. Main products include shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, mud agitator, screw pump etc. Customer’s satisfaction is TR’S highest pursuit.

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