Introduction of mud solid control system

The role of slurry:
cooling the drill bit, carrying drilling cuttings, Balanced formation pressure, to prevent hole sloughing, to prevent the kick.
The function of solid control system:
Remove drilling cuttings to ensure mud performance
Solid control system configuration:
The solid control system is the equipment chosen according to the depth of drilling. The same depth of well in different geographical, equipment choices are also different, but not by much.Generally, we will choose the equipmentthe according to the model of the rig. From ZJ20 to ZJ90, In general, below ZJ30 drilling rig only requires 3 levels of solid control equipment, i.e., drilling fluid shale shaker, desander, desilter. Above ZJ30, it is five levels purification equipment. Mud shale shaker,vacuum degasser, desander,desilter, drilling liquid centrifuge. Among them, mud tank is indispensable. Common mud tank specifications are as follows:95000×2300×2100mm, 125000×2400×2300mm,The number of mud tanks is calculated according to the total volume of drilling mud, Choose the right quantity and size. The total mud capacity of 20 drilling RIGS is about 120 cubic meters, The total mud capacity of 30 drilling RIGS is 240 cubic meters, 40 drilling rigs is 260 cubic meters, 50drilling rigs is 320 cubic meters, 70 drilling rigs is 420 cubic meters. 90 drilling rigs is 540 cubic meters. The amount of circulating mud to be treated is about 65% of the total volume. The disposal capacity of all kinds of solid control equipment can be selected to meet the circulating mud volume or larger. The solid control system is equipped with these basic principle , specific according to the rig model, or customer requirements flexible choice.

TR Solid control system, mud recovery system, mud purification system

Solid control system, mud recovery system, mud purification system

The main equipment in the fixed control system will never change, i.e., 5 levels purification equipment. mud shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge. The selection of equipment is flexible according to different drilling RIGS, and other auxiliary equipment is indispensable. Desander, desilter must be powered by sand pump one on one.The centrifuge can choose submersible slurry pump or screw pump for pulp supply. In addition to the shaker screen tank and the air tank, the mud tank must have a mud agitator(The principle is to be bigger than smaller) . Where there is a agitator, a mud gun must be carried. The mud gun can flush the dead Angle of the tank and start the auxiliary agitator. In addition, the jet mud mixer in the solid control system is also indispensable. The jet mud mixer can exist as a single individual or can be connected directly to the end of the mixing tank.Connected by manifold.

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