Why choose TR shale shaker screen?


Determination of the specifications of the shale shaker screen:

The specifications of the screen are usually expressed in terms of mesh. The mesh number of the screen is the number of wires or the number of holes per inch of length in the direction of the warp (length) or weft (width) of the screen. For example, 40 mesh means that there are forty meshes per square inch in the screen cloth. The larger the mesh size of the shale shaker screen, the lower the screening rate of the screen, and the smaller the processing amount, the more likely it is to be damaged.

a-square grid    b-the Dutch grid    c-square grid    d-twill grid
Determination of the specifications of the screen are usually expressed in terms of mesh. The mesh number of the screen is formed by the intersection of the screen warp  and the weft.

Its main features are as follows:

  1. These products screen constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with a steel backing plate and steel frame combined together. Because of different mesh size and hole size, get a better filtering effect.
  2. The bottom high strength steel frame, supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cloth, combined together. Infinitely enhance the screen intensity and endurance, get a better filtering effective. Mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 325. The whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces, prevent the part excessive expansive damaged, with a special rubber plug together to repair damage, can save the time to replace the screen, Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.


Xi’an Tianrui Solids Control adopts international advanced technology and mechanized production mode to produce Tianrui brand shale shaker screen and alternative screens of international famous brands. The screens available from API20 to API400 are available; Xi’an Tianrui Screen has Long service life and good separation effect, all meet US API standards and have API certificate. Shale shaker  screens are mainly divided into four types: frame screens (wave screens and flat screens), hard groove screens (wave screens and flat screens), soft groove screens and slot screens. Xi’an Tianrui not only manufactures our own shale shaker  screen, but also can customize the screen according to customer requirements. It can also produce shaker screens such as Drrick, Swaco and Brant, which are well-known foreign brands.


API number Aperture size (mm) API number Aperture size (mm)
API 20  >780.0 TO 925.0 API 120 116.5. TO 137.5
API 30 550.0 TO 655.0 API 140 137.5. TO 165.0
API 35 462.0 TO 550.0 API 170 137.5. TO 165.0
API 40 390.0 TO 462.0 API 200 137.5. TO 165.0
API 50 275.0 TO 390.0 API 230 137.5. TO 165.0
API 60 213.0 TO 275.0 API 370 137.5. TO 165.0
API 70 196.0 TO 213.0 API 325 137.5. TO 165.0
API 80 165.0 TO 196.0 API 400 137.5. TO 165.0
API 100 137.5. TO 165.0


DERRICK 2000 Screen

DERRICK 500 Screen



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