TRZYQ1200 Mud Gas Separator(Poor Boy) Delivery

Xi’an Tianrui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mud gas separator (poor boy). The mud gas separator ordered by our old German customer this time is the third order of the customer in our company. Before that, they also ordered two batches of desander for Dubai oilfield site, and the mud gas separator equipment will be used in Iraq oilfield site.

TRZYQ1200 Mud Gas Separator
TRZYQ1200 Mud Gas Separator

At the time of receiving the inquiry from the customer, the customer attached detailed parameters and photos, which are different from the previous standard models of our company. The internal structure and external shape of the equipment need to be customized. Our engineer draw up the drawing according to the requirements of the customer and send them to confirme. The customer is very satisfied. We quote according to all the requirements of the customer The customer finally accepted the price and placed a purchase order to us.

TRZYQ1200 Poor Boy
TRZYQ1200 Poor Boy

The detailed parameters as below:

Vessel I.D.1200mm
Rated Pressure1.0 Mpa
MaterialCarbon Steel
Fluid Inlet Pipe I.D.DN300
Fluid Outlet Pipe I.D.DN200
Gas Discharge Pipe I.D.DN300
Cleaning Pipe I.D.DN150
Seal Pipe Length3050mm
Manhole I.D.DN600
Top CoatGrey, RAL7032

We are a manufacturer of solid control equipment and solid control system. It can provide customized parameters for customers, that is to produce suitable equipment and systems for customers according to the requirements of customers. If necessary, you can contact and communicate at any time.

Contact number: +86 13186019379.

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