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Delivery of TR Shear Pump with Hopper for Metro Construction

The TRJBQ6555 shear pump and TRSL150-30 preparation hopper customized by TR Solids Control for subway construction are delivered.

“Attentive service and customer satisfaction are the highest pursuit of TR Solids Control!” It has always been the corporate purpose of our company, and we have been working hard around this purpose; Due to the change of the customer’s on-site arrangement, we urgently need a set of preparation system. After receiving the customer’s call and understanding the on-site situation, we immediately arrange workers to rush the work for the customer, and load the car overnight and send it to the customer’s use site.

Shear Pump with Hopper
Shear Pump with Hopper
Delivery of  preparation machine 
Delivery of preparation machine 

TR preparation machine and preparation system is a mixing device suitable for shield slurry developed and produced by TR Solids Control according to the requirements of subway shield construction. It is mainly composed of TR’s special shear pump and preparation hopper; TR has a perfect management system, its own design and R &D team, and its production is in order. It can customize the equipment suitable for customers according to customers’ needs. If you need solid-liquid separation or pulping, you can contact our company at any time. Hotline: +86 13186019379

Mongoose Shaker Parts and Mud Hopper Will be Sent to Germany

On Sep.20th, we completed a batch of Swaco Mongoose shale shaker parts and a 4″ mud hopper. These parts and mud hopper ordered from client in Germany. After 25 days of production, we finished these goods on time. These goods will be used for client’s Swaco Mongoose shale shaker and site.

The client ordered 3 kinds of parts, including gasket mongoose flat panel screen P/N 5837001,spring coil 7” P/N 9360007 and locking wedge P/N 5895001.Another order is 4″ mud hopper with 4″ flange ends,model is TRSLH100.

Mongoose Shaker Parts
4″ TRSLH100 mud hopper

These parts will be delivered to Beijing Airport,China, and will continue to help client’s project.

Xi’an Tianrui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. creates high-quality products with quality and serves customers with sincerity. We not only produces its own self-developed products, but also produces equipment parts of foreign brands such as Derrick, Swaco and Brandt. It mainly produces mud shale shaker parts, Mission pump and Sand pump parts. We focus on equipment R&D and manufacturing. It is a manufacturer of solid control system, mud non landing system, building piling, shield and horizontal directional drilling equipment. Our company can design different solutions according to different requirements of customers. Welcome new and old clients to negotiate!

Jet Hopper and Shear Dosing Pump Ready for Shipment

Yesterday, a custom-made jet hopper and shear dosing pump have completed the trial run and spray painting, ready for shipment.

 Shear Dosing Pump
Shear Dosing Pump

Shear pump is a special equipment for mixing flocs which are not easy to melt with water in oilfield drilling industry. Shear dosing pump is designed and improved by Tianrui people on the basis of drilling shear pump, and Tianrui petroleum has applied for relevant patents.

Shear Dosing Pump and Jet Hopper
Shear Dosing Pump and Jet Hopper

Jet hopper is a kind of hopper specially used for mud preparation. TianRui petroleum continuously absorbs foreign technology, combines with domestic field usage habits and requirements to design and produce a mixing hopper.
TianRui has been engaged in the design and production of solid control equipment and solid control system in the oil field drilling industry. However, with the continuous efforts of TianRui people, TianRui petroleum is already a manufacturer specializing in solid-liquid separation and mud landing equipment. We welcome customers to visit our shear dosing pump and jet hopper. We also invite you to witness the brilliant development of TianRui petroleum.