How to deal with slurry running in mud shale shaker?

Shale shaker, also known as dehydration shaker, dehydration shaker, is a screening equipment for solid-liquid separation, mostly used in coal mines, coal yards, oil and other industries, but some users in the use of Engineering slurry problems. So how to quickly solve this problem users? Now let me make an analysis of this problem.

How to deal with slurry running in mud shale shaker?

1. The mesh number chosen is unreasonable.

The disposal capacity of each shale shaker is 50L/s, because the premise of disposal measurement is to delimit according to national scale: 60 target screens are selected to test the mud with a specific gravity of 1.8, and the mud viscosity is river sand with different grain sizes in the mud. Because of the rapid surface drilling, a large amount of solid phase takes up the useful screen area, so the vibration screen can not be used in the shallow section of the screen. Therefore, in the early stage of drilling, the screen mesh with larger holes should be used, and with the increase of drilling depth, more fine screen mesh should be gradually adopted.

2, formation and mud environmental impact disposal capacity.

In another kind of environment, when drilling into loose sandstone or quicksand layer, sand grains are easily trapped in the screen hole, resulting in screening blockage. It is necessary to test the screen mesh of several different number to reduce the phenomenon of screen plugging.

3, check whether the steering of the motor is accurate.

First, remove the vibrator shield and check whether the rotation of the two parts of the motor is outward to the outside. Secondly, if you turn to fault, please adjust the electrical control box into the power supply in two phase lines. Fault Form 1 (two motors twisting inward) can remove drilling cuttings outward, but it is slow; Fault Form 2 (two motors twisting in the same direction), the vibration force is very small, the foundation does not drain sand or dispose of mud;

4. Check the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

The larger the vibration amplitude, the greater the handling capacity,and the vibration power is adjusted to 90% at the factory. If there is a slurry running environment, the pain block angle can be aligned, and vibration force is 100%. (At this time, mud disposal capacity is increased by only 15%).

5. Is it reasonable to check the distribution of liquid flow on the screen frame?

In the shaker with hooked screen layout, the sieve surfaces on both sides are lower than the center, and the mud flows easily to both sides and runs away. It should be ensured that the mud enters the screen frame from the center. At this point, two options can be adopted. One is to adjust the front spring seat to properly raise the front angle of the screen box; the other is to adjust the position of overturning plate of  extension slot to control distribution environment of liquid flow.

Above is the reason and solution of material runaway in mud shaker. If you are interested in shale shaker or encounter difficulties in use, please contact us. TR Solids Control will serve you wholeheartedly.

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