4 TR Mud Agitators are ready to be sent to Romania

Yesterday, 4 TR mud agitators have been sent to Romania Oilfield Service Company though the works of TR workers.TR mud agitator has the following characteristics: product structure optimization, small size,compact structure. Running smoothly,small operating noise,long service life,less wearing parts, cost-effective. Using high-pressure airless spraying equipment construction, after priming, paint,paint and other processes to achieve beautiful appearance and antiseptic effect. Agitator shaft and impeller treated through polishing,picking,plating, hot dip galvanized,passivation, fine grinding processing,greatly improving the service life and antiseptic effect. This company has already purchased 3 other TR solid control equipment a few month ago. And they are happy with the TR equipment’s performance and after sales support. This is the main reason why this comany repeat the order for another  equipment from TR Solids Control.

 Drilling Mud Agitator | Mud Agitator | Drilling Fluid Agitator

Drilling Mud Agitator | Mud Agitator | Drilling Fluid Agitator

TR Mud agitator in the mud system used to,mixing ratio and prevent to the mud tanked.TR solid control is an exporter of centrifugal pump . We are an exporter of drilling fluid mud agitator.Our factory approval the ISO9001,mud agitator have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of Chinese based manufacturer. We will provide the high quality mud agitator and best service.Your best mud agitator start from TR solids control.

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Sales office:No.10 West of North 2nd Ring Road Xi’an City.
Manufacture: No.60 Caotang Industry Zone Huxian County Xi’an City.


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