Effect of Screen Surface Structure of Mud Shale Shaker on Solid Phase Control

Mud Shale Shaker

Mud Shale shaker as a first-class solid control equipment, the relative movement between the screen surface and drilling mud is a necessary condition for screening. In screening machine, the movement of drilling mud to screen surface mainly includes vertical movement and movement.

The structural parameters and movement properties of the screen surface of the mud shale shaker, the ratio of the screen hole area to the total area on the screen surface is called the opening rate. The larger the opening rate, the higher the screening efficiency and productivity of the mud shale shaker. Therefore, the screen surface mostly adopts square sieve hole, but it is better to use circular hole when the water content is high and the particle size is small.

The screen surface of mud shale shaker which moves vertically is not easy to be blocked by drilling mud, the looseness of the layer is increased, and the segregation rate is also high. The movement frequency and vibration amplitude of the screen surface also affect the movement speed of drilling mud particles on the screen surface and the probability of passing through the screen hole, which has a great influence on the screening efficiency, and the screening of drilling mud is not complete.

TRZS585 Mud Shale Shaker

TRZS585 Mud Shale Shaker

In view of these problems and combined with the situation on the spot, we can do the following several coping strategies:

1. Increasing the screening rate of mud shale shaker screening can adjust the feeding mode. Without careful consideration of the spatial location of the site, the feeding is not along the full screen width, which will inevitably result in the inadequate utilization of the screen surface.

2. Under the condition of permissible field conditions, adjusting the inclination angle of mud shaker can be considered. Appropriate inclination angle is beneficial to reducing the thickness of drilling mud and realizing thin bed screening.

3. How to improve the opening rate of the screen plate of the shale shaker screnn. High opening rate is beneficial to improve screening effect. Usually, high opening rate of stainless steel welded sieve plate can be paid attention to.

4. To reduce the porosity of sieve paste, self-cleaning sieve plate, such as spring rod sieve surface, can be considered.

5. For dry screening, the feed moisture should be strictly controlled. When the water content is high, the ingredient screening can be considered.

6. Wet screening, if conditions permit, is the most effective means to improve the screening effect.

7. If conditions permit, a fixed sieve is added at the feeding end and a rough sieve is carried out, then a double or triple mud shaker can be used.

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