Knowledge of TR vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser mainly extracts the gas from the vacuum tank through a jet or a vacuum pump.Keep the tank in a vacuum so that the air can be sucked into the mud and then degassed.Such degassers usually include the following equipment:
1. Injector or vacuum pump: To maintain the proper vacuum of the vacuum tank, Inhale the mud to be treated and release the separation gas.
2.Specific tapered baffle: The mud diffuses into a thin film as it flows through the baffle, making it easy for gas to escape
3.Specific type of centrifugal pump or injection pump: Remove the degassing mud from the vacuum degassing chamber
4.Necessary level control device: Adjust the amount of mud entering the vacuum degassing chamber to ensure that the degassing chamber will not overflow or empty
The harm of gas penetrating drilling fluid
1. Reduce the density of drilling fluid. When the density of drilling fluid decreases, if the pressure of the net drilling fluid column in the well is lower than that of the formation, the wellbore surge or blowout may be caused.
2. The sand pump, infusion pump and drilling pump used in the solid control system are not well inhaled or even working properly, causing vibration of the equipment
3. Some of the toxic gas(Such as hydrogen sulfide) escaped drilling fluid, may cause site operators poisoning
4. It could start a fire
5. After gas penetration, the viscosity of drilling fluid increases and the mechanical drilling speed decreases.
In conclusion, The gas in the drilling fluid must be removed, usually with a vacuum degasser.

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