TR Series Hook Strip Flat Shaker Screen Characteristics

Hook strip flat shake shaker screen is one popular used mud shale shaker screen.Hook strip flat screen is constructed by 2 or 3 layers of metal clothes woven by 304 or 316 stainless steel wire.The 2 or 3 metal clothes are combined together with special glue on the steel backing plate.So the hook strip flat shale shaker screen has a strong structure and an effective drilling cuttings separation effect.

hook strip flat square shaker screen

Hook Strip Flat Screen

Because of different model and clients’ requirement,there are several models of the backing plate to be chosen according to the different open holes’ shape on it, such as hexagonal,rectangular,square and so on.Supported by the above mentioned hole-opened backing plate,the whole metal wire cloth is divided into independent small areas and add the supporting strength to prevent the damage from partial excessive expansion when the drilling mud impact on it .So it extends the shaker screen’s serving lifetime.

Hook Strip Flat Hexaganal Shaker Screen

TRH Series Hook Strip Flat Shaker Screen Size Chart

Model Model for Shaker Mesh Range DimensionLxW(mm) Weight(kg)
TRH-1 DERRICK FLC-2000 PWP 40-325 1053X697 4.8
TRH-2 DERRICK FLC500 SERIES PWP 40-325 1050X697 6.1
TRH-3 DERRICK FLC313M PWP 40-325 846X697 4
TRH-4 TRZS833 40-325 1080X830 6.7

TR Solid Control is one manufacturer of oil drilling solid control system and waste management system including shale shaker screen.TR provides series of solid control equipment including shale shaker,desander,desilter, jet mud mixer,mud agitator,mud gas separator,flare ignition device,shaker screen,etc.TR is also an exporter of above items.

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