TR horizontal centrifugal sand pumps export to Russia.

On February 26, 2018, Xi’an Tianrui Control signed an order with Russia for oil drilling horizontal centrifugal sand pumps. The delivery period on the contract is 15 days, but with the efforts of Tianrui employees, it will be shipped on March 2, 2018, production time only took 6 days, the production time of centrifugal sand pumps were reduced by half, which shows that Tianrui’s production capacity is strong. “Time is money.” Xi’an Tianrui not only produces high-quality centrifugal sand pumps according to customer requirements, but also greatly shortens the production cycle, which makes customers have certain advantages in their country’s delivery time. We got the praise of the users.

Tianrui horizontal centrifugal sand pump

Horizontal centrifugal sand pump that has been produced.

Tianrui horizontal centrifugal sand pump

Tianrui horizontal centrifugal sand pumps are ready for shipment .

The order is TRSB8*6-14 (55kw) horizontal sand pump. The horizontal centrifugal sand pump is a kind of mud pump independently developed by our company, also known as mud pump. He developed from the experience of foreign well-known  Misson pump. His material is alloy cast iron. The pump casing, pump body and impeller are all cast by precision casting. The appearance is beautiful and they have zero defects. The sealing is mechanical seal and the packing seal double seal greatly improves the life of the seal. All parts of the centrifugal sand pump can be interchanged with the Misson pump of the MIS8*6-14, which is ideal for export abroad.

The horizontal sand pump is a kind of centrifugal pump. Its impeller is a semi-open impeller. This structure is not easy to be stuck. The seal is a mechanical seal and a packing seal. It is tighter than the previous packing seal. For a longer period of time, the lubrication of the shaft is grease-lubricated, which is quick and easy. The sand pump produced by Xi’an Tianrui is filled with grease before leaving the factory. The grease used by Xi’an Tianrui is American Sun brand grease, which is resistant to high temperature.

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