TR centrifugal pump sent to overseas drilling site.

TR centrifugal pump TRSB3×2-9(5.5kw) sent to overseas drilling site.

Centrifugal pump plays an important role in the mud solid control system. In terms of mud supply, it is mainly used to supply mud to desander, desilter, centrifuge and other solid control equipment; in slurry mixing and pulping, it is matched with jet mixing funnel to form a jet mixing device, which can be used as make-up pump and filling pump to match mud pump for drilling site use.





        TRSB series oil drilling fluid centrifugal pump is improved on the basis of a large number of centrifugal pumps at home and abroad. The sealing technology adopts the comprehensive seal of packing seal and mechanical seal. The new and unique design can avoid oil leakage to a great extent, with stable operation and long service life.

     The centrifugal sand pump produced by Xi’an Tianrui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been widely used in oil & gas drilling, Metro shield construction, building piling construction and other construction sites, and has been well received. Please call us for consultation, order and order hotline:+86 13186019379


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