TianRui Mud Agitator is becoming more and more popular.

What is the Mud Agitator?

Mud agitator’s affect is for stirring, mixing liquid and preventing the solid-phase precipitation in the compound. It consists of reducer and explosion-proof motor. It’s suitable for use in severe conditions. Mud agitator has a large agitation strength, wide spread, and can reduce starting torque. TR Solids Control can offer vertical mud agitators and horizontal mud agitators. Horizontal agitator is split into coupling type and direct type agitator. If you need a horizontal agitator, Our mud agitators have multiple structures, and can meet the needs of different conditions. TRJBQ series mud agitators are extensive used in oil drilling, natural gas drilling, shield constructioncity bored piled and other non-excavation site mud mixing.

TianRui Mud Agitator

TianRui Mud Agitator

Mud agitators are important equipment in drilling mud storage systems. Based on the production of worm gear agitator, TianRui Solid Control designed a new helical tooth mixer. The helical toothed agitator has a longer life and less noise than a worm gear agitator.

TianRui Mud Agitator

TianRui Mud Agitator

Features and Benefits

1.Product structure optimization,small size,compact structure.

2.Running smoothly,small operating noise,long service life,less wearing parts,cost-effective.

3.Using high-pressure airless spraying equipment construction,after undercoat,intermediate coat,finishing coat and other processes to achieve beautiful appearance and antiseptic effect.

4.Agitator shaft and impeller treated through polishing,pickling,plating,hot dip galvanized,passivation,fine grinding processing,greatly improving the service life and antiseptic effect.


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