The structure and principle of the centrifugal pump

Centrifugal Pump Principle

The centrifugal pump generates flow by rotating the kinetic energy of the impeller to make the liquid flow.


The basic structure of the centrifugal pump consists of six parts: the impeller, the pump body, the pump shaft, the bearing, the sealing ring, and the stuffing box.


The efficiency of a centrifugal pump depends on the performance of the impeller. Compared with the piston pump, the centrifugal pump has the characteristics of high rotation speed, small volume, large flow rate and simple structure. However, the pump pressure is relatively low, and the liquid viscosity has a great influence on the performance of the pump, and can only be used for liquids whose viscosity is similar to water.



Features and Benefits

  1. Alloy cast iron for pump body, longer usage life.
  2. Precision casting technology immensely reduce the incidence of defects.
  3. Mechanical seal and Asbestos seal.
  4. Imported SKF bearing and FKM oil seal.
  5. Can be replaceable with Mission pump.
  6. Pump body is precision casting.

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