Technology of Pitless and Environmental Protection

On December 1st, 2016, the Legal Daily reported that the environmental protection organization sued PetroChina Jilin Oilfield for acceptance. The report was roughly as follows:
  • Environmental protection organization told Jilin Oilfield Branch to bury a large number of oil mud and oil-bearing mud directly underground;
  • wastewater seepage pits were not treated according to law, so that the groundwater was polluted, with obvious stimulation;
  • In order to protect the public interests of the society, environmental public interest claims are filed in accordance with relevant laws and judicial interpretations. Such as the Environmental Protection Law, the Law on the Prevention and Control of Solid Dance Pollution, etc. Environmental protection organizations request the courts to dispose of such claims according to law.
  • Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater;
  • Loss of service function during the period from injury to restoration (subject to appraisal and evaluation);
  • Apology;
  • Announcement of apology more than 10 days in state-level media, etc”.

Pitless System Case

From the above news, we can see that people attach importance to environmental protection and the urgency of legal treatment of drilling mud. In view of the follow-up treatment of oilfield mud and oil-bearing mud. Xi’an Tianrui has specially introduced possession in order to meet the requirements of customers and protect the environment. Pitless system and equipment with independent intellectual property rights are used to treat waste drilling fluids by matching drilling-while-treatment equipment and suitable formulation of reagents,they ensure the harmless treatment of waste mud, which successfully solves the difficult problem that drilling waste can not be efficiently and environmentally friendly.
Pitless System Case

Pitless System Case

Tianrui solid control pitless system is composed of
  • drying shale shaker,
  • vertical cutting dryer,
  • decanter centrifuge,
  • screw conveyor,
  • mud sand pump,
  • centrifuge slurry pump (submersible slurry pump or screw pump),
  • mud agitator,
  • mud storage tank
  • other equipment.
Pitless System Case

Pitless System Case

Waste drilling mud is one of the main pollution sources in the petroleum and natural gas industry. Oil, water, organic clay and other substances are mixed in the drilling mud due to the engineering demand.
In recent years, the use of oil-based mud, water-based mud and composite base mud by drilling teams has become more and more large, and the consequent cost increases and environmental pollution issues. The problem has become increasingly prominent, and the emergence of mud non-landing treatment system has successfully solved the above problems.
  • After a series of purification, drying and recycling, debris and other wastes from drilling waste can be reused as concrete binder; mud water produced by cleaning debris can be added and destabilized.
  • Mud cake formed after flocculation and solid-liquid separation can be mixed with clay or shale in proportion to burn bricks for waste utilization;
  • Filtrate water separated by destabilization, flocculation, air flotation, oxidation and adsorption filtration pretreatment process, remove major pollutants, can be used for oil field reinjection, reinjection of safe formation or discharge standards;
  • After treated by the sewage treatment system, the water can be discharged up to the standard, which not only saves the cost for customers, but also protects the environment to a great extent.

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