Swaco Mongoose replacement shaker screen-TRF-3 screen

TRF-3 or Swaco Mongoose steel frame shale shaker screen can be inter-changeably used.

Frame shaker screen is one commonly used oil drilling mud shaker screen.TRF-3 shaker screen is mainly composed of the steel frame and 2 to 3 layers of screen cloth. TR-3 shaker screen has equipped in lots of TR’s shale shaker for its obvious advantages.

TRF-3 shaker screen features: wearable, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance,easy installation

Steel frame screen

Main specifications:

Mesh range: 40-325,

Dimension: 1165x585mm,

Weight: 14kg

TRF-3 shaker screen can be used interchangeably with Swaco Mongoose,but has much more cost advantage.TRF-3 shaker screen has become the first consideration in purchasing screen.According to different model of shale shaker,different pieces of shaker screen can be equipped in one shale shaker.

TRF-3 shaker screen equipped in TR shale shaker

TR Solid Control is a manufacturer of shale shaker and other solid control equipment and system.Apart from providing our clients the solid control equipment,we also provide vulnerable spare parts like shaker screen and so on.

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