Shaker Screen Shipped to Middle East

This week, TR finished the manufacturing of shaker screens that ordered by a Middle East client. Now the order has been ready for shipment. Manufactured as per API and ISO standard, TR shaker screens are widely used in oil & gas drilling, trenchless HDD & microtunneling, drilling waste management, etc. Besi

shaker screen,shale shaker

shale shaker screen

This week, TR Solids Control successfully completed a shaker screen manufacturing task ordered by a Middle Eastern customer. The order is now ready for shipment. TR brand shaker screens produced in accordance with API and ISO standards are widely used in oil and gas drilling, trenchless horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and micro-tunneling, drilling waste management and other fields. In addition to its own brand of screens, TR also produces alternative shale shaker that are fully compatible with many international brands such as Derrick, Mi-Swaco, Brandt, Kem-tron and many others.

Specifically, this order includes 100 pieces of Derrick brand FLC500 series replacement shaker screens, 100 pieces of Derrick Hyperpool series replacement shaker screens, and 100 pieces of Mongoose brand replacement shaker screens. All screens are made of high standard stainless steel 316 material. In addition, our screens have a double-layer structure in the range of API 80 to API 120 and a three-layer structure in the range of API 140 to API 200. The filtration area of ​​the screen is uniform, and the base material of the screen is high in strength.

Looking for a high-quality shaker screen that’s built to last even in the toughest conditions? TR Solids Control offers you replacement screens from major OEM shaker screen manufacturers. Our screens are highly competitively priced and have long service life. Additionally, our solids control equipment such as shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, mud mixers, mud cleaners, jet mud mixers, vertical cutting dryers, centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, vacuum degasser, etc. , are all hot-selling products. Looking forward to your inquiry!


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