Maintenance of Shale Shaker Vibration Motor

Maintenance  of  Vibration Motor:

  1. Clean the dust on the casing regularly.

  2.  Before using, it is necessary to check whether the fixing bolt of the vibrating motor is loose or not. Otherwise, it must be tightened before it can be used.

  3. Check whether there are friction, buried pressure, squeezing and other phenomena in the cable introduced by the vibrating screen.

  4. Good lubrication should be guaranteed during the operation of the vibrating screen motor.

A suitable amount of LGHP2 high temperature grease specially designed by SKF company. It was filled in the inner space of the bearing before the motor was assembled. Tthe applicable temperature was -40~200 C.

The LGHP2 grease is supplemented once with a refueling gun for every 2000 running hours. The amount of the grease in each bearing is not more than 25.8g.

If the average daily temperature rise of bearings is found during 2000 hours (temperature rise refers to the measured temperature of the bearing position of the motor housing minus the ambient temperature, which requires that the temperature rise of bearings be monitored every half-month), it is possible that the bearings may not be lubricated enough by floating above 10 C. At this time, the lubrication period and the amount of supplementary grease should be reduced at the same time as appropriate, and in principle, it should be kept in each bearing every 2000 hours interval. The total amount of grease supplement is not more than 25.8g. For example, when the lubrication cycle is half as normal (1000 hours), the amount of supplementary grease is no more than 12.9g. The average daily temperature rise of bearings is reduced by half at the same time for every 10 C lubrication cycle and the amount of supplementary grease.

In order to ensure the normal operation of bearings, LGHP2 high temperature grease must be used, and the oil injection hole should be wiped clean before adding fresh grease.Normally the bearing will have a natural temperature rise for one or two days after just lubricating or re-lubricating.In order to prevent dust from entering the oil injection hole, damaging the bearing and sealing the oil injection hole with oil cup in peacetime.

      5. Insulation measurement of motor windings should be carried out when the equipment is used after a long period of downtime. Measuring insulation resistance with 500V megohmmeter should not exceed 0.5MSZ before it can be used.
Shale Shaker with Vibration Motor

Shale Shaker with Vibration Motor

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