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TRCS series drilling fluid Desander is the secondary solid control equipment in drilling fluid treatment. They can be divided into Cyclone Desander and Cyclone Desilter according to the diameter of the cyclone, mainly used for separating solid particles of47~76μm in drilling fluid.

Features and Benefits of TR® Desander are as follows:

Pure polyurethane or high-chromium iron for cyclone.

Clamp connection for the installation of cyclone, easy to dismantle and replace.

Ball valve is installed at the inlet and outlet of cyclones, it is available to choose the cyclone number independently.

Adopted international brand vibration motor, Martin or Oli motor.

We can install Derrick hydrocyclones.

TR Drilling Fluid Desander, The secondary equipment in solid control system


Technical parameter of TR Solids Control:

Model                           TRCS200-1S/2S               TRCS250-1S/2S          TRCS250-3S           TRCS300-1S/2S

Capacity                      60m³/120m³/h              100m³/200m³/h           300m³/h                 120m³/240m³/h

Cyclone Specs                8in                                  10in                                       10in                       12in

Cyclone Qty                1pcs/2pcs                       1pcs/2pcs                              3pcs                      1pcs/2pcs

Working Pressure                                                          0.25~0.4mpa

Inlet Size                      DN125mm                      DN150mm                      DN150mm                   DN150mm

Outlet Size                    DN150mm                     DN200mm                     DN200mm                   DN200mm

Separation Point                                                          45μm~75μm

Bottom Shaker                TRTS60                          TRTS60                            TRTS752                 TRTS752

Dimension      1510×1160×2000mm      1510×1360×2250mm     1835×1230×1810mm      1835×1230×1810mm

Weight                        570kg/620kg                     670kg/760kg                    1300kg                      1380kg

In general, Cyclone  assembly above 6 inches called Desander. 10 inches and 12inches cyclone are frequently-used. several groups of cyclone can be combined together on the basis of client’s requirements. TR® Desander is widely used for separating and sand removing in oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling. TR Solids Control provide you with good quality TR Desander, for selection of materials, advanced technique of production, fine workermanship, experienced technician,TR Solid control make the construction safe and efficient. Welcome to select TR Desander, welcome to visit our factory. We can produce customized desander as requested.

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