Cooling Silencing Tanks and Silencing Pipelines were Sent to Foreign Oilfield

TR Solids Control has finished the production of two sets of cooling silencing tanks and silencing pipelines customized for foreign customers, and they have been used in foreign oilfield.
The cooling and silencing tank and silencing pipeline is a kind of equipment developed by our factory according to the photos and use requirements provided by customers and on the basis of mutual recognition, which is used to reduce the huge noise generated when drilling fluid is pumped out from the wellhead. The product is suitable for drilling crew working environment. The top of the tank is equipped with cleaning port, manhole and handrail for ladder up and down the tank, the side wall is equipped with liquid inlet, liquid outlet and ladder up the tank, the bottom of the tank is equipped with desanding port, and the inside of the tank is equipped with ladder up and down the tank.

Cooling Silencing Tank
Cooling Silencing Tank and Silencing Pipeline

The cooling silencing tank and silencing pipeline customized for customers are mainly used to reduce the noise of drilling site. The liquid inlet of the silencing tank is in a stepped shape. This structure makes the mud from the wellhead slow down gradually and enter the tank in a tangential direction to play a buffer role, further reducing the flow rate of mud, and then flowing out from the outlet. The structure is simple and the cleaning is convenient.
TR Solids Control is a professional equipment manufacturer. The company can customize the appropriate products according to the user’s requirements. This time, the cooling silencing tank and silencing pipeline issued by the company are customized products for customers according to the customer’s site requirements. If you have friends who need solid-liquid separation, you can contact and communicate at any time:


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