Completion of National 7P50 Drilling Mud Pump Parts

In October, we received an order for parts for 7P50 mud pump from client in Nairobi, Kenya. There were 21 kinds and 272 pieces in this order.It includes the following products:

S/NO.Product NameP/N
1Suction Module1294156
2Discharge Module, Studded1294150
3Connector – Discharge1294170
4Plate,valve cover instruction 2407142
5Valve complete1561525
6Seat valve 1561530
7Seal – Suction Manifold1540142
8Spring Valve 1560701
9Holder – Valve Guide1292140
10Insert – Valve Guide1292141
11Seal,Valve Cover 1540128
12Spring – Wedge Assembly1290181
13Wedge locking 1290179
14Screw – Wedge Adjusting1290178
15Seal Retainer1294174
16Seal – Module, Wear Plate1294192
17Plate – Wear1294160
186-1/4″ LinerL-4710
196-1/4″ Piston(complete)K-1064
20RETAINER,suction line damper diaphragm 1290198
21Diaphragm ,sution line dampener 1290195

After 50 days of production, we completed the delivery.

National 7P50 Drilling Mud Pump Parts
Shipment photos of some parts

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