Basic Knowledge of Mud Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separator

Drilling fluid mud gas separator is also a special equipment for degassing of gas-immersed drilling fluid. It belongs to the category of atmospheric degassing. It is based on the principle of atmospheric degassing. However, it is the primary degassing equipment for treating gas-immersed drilling fluid. The main difference between the degasser and the drilling fluid is that it is mainly used to clear the large bubbles whose diameter is more than 3 mm emitted from annular drilling fluid. Bubble is a kind of expansive gas filled with drilling fluid in a certain section of borehole annulus. Its diameter is about 3-25 mm. These bubbles cause wells to surge and even eject from the surface of the turntable. In addition, the mud gas separator mainly relies on gravity impact to achieve the mud gas separator, while the degasser uses vacuum, turbulence, centrifugation and other principles. The degasser has much less gas handling capacity than the mud gas separator, but clears the gas more thoroughly. Usually there are small bubbles in the drilling fluid treated by the liquid-gas separator. After passing through the vibrating screen, it is necessary to enter the degasser and then carry out conventional degassing.

Types of Mud Gas Separator

There are two types of commonly used mud gas separator.

1. Bottom Cover Type

The bottom of the degassing tank is closed. The drilling fluid is returned to the circulating tank through a U-shaped pipeline. The height of drilling fluid level in degassing tank can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the height of U tube.

Mud Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separator

2. Open Bottom Type

The separator tank is bottomless and the lower part of the separator is submerged in the drilling fluid. The liquid level in the tank is controlled by the depth of submergence at the bottom. This kind of separator, commonly known as “poor boy” abroad, shows its simplicity.

The simplest and most reliable mud gas separator is bottom-sealed. Because its drilling fluid residence height is limited by the liquid level height in the circulating tank. The working pressure of the mud gas separator is equal to the frictional resistance when the free gas is discharged from the discharge pipe. If the friction resistance is greater than the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid column in the separator, it will cause “short circuit” and the gas-immersed drilling fluid without separation will be directly discharged into the drilling fluid circulation tank. The short circuit generated by the separator usually occurs under the condition that a large amount of gas (peak value) appears in the re-gas immersed drilling fluid. This indicates that the separator has insufficient processing capacity.

Application Principle of Liquid-Gas Separator

  1. The time required for the separation of drilling fluid and gas depends on the performance of drilling fluid. For example, if the viscosity of drilling fluid is high, the separation will be difficult and take a long time.
  2. Adequate separators and degassing devices must be prepared to treat drilling fluids.
  3. When the mud gas separator is not in use, the drilling fluid in the equipment should be cleaned and flushed with water. It is strictly forbidden to store the drilling fluid in the separator body, otherwise it will not be able to operate normally after drying up.
  4. Generally, the surface of the re-drilling fluid tank is required to be level and solid when the separator is installed. And preset anchor bolt pit.
  5. Lead the exhaust pipe to 60-80 meters away from the wellhead.
  6. When the slurry inlet is connected with the rotary BOP or throttle manifold, it is necessary to close the sewage butterfly valve, open the slurry outlet butterfly valve and connect the pipeline to the drilling fluid tank.
Mud Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separator

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