API Drill Pipe Series

The Outside flat drill pipe

Outside the flat drill

Outside flat drill pipe is suitable for special drilling conditions and oil well maintenance operations. The tube body adopts special internal thickening technology. The outer diameter of the thickening end, the outer diameter of the drill pipe joint and the outer diameter of the pipe body are the same or nearly the same. Special thread connections are used to compensate for the reduction of torsional strength due to reduced outer diameter.

The advantages are:

  1. The outer flat structure is favorable for handling accidents such as underground collapse.
  2. Special thread connection is used to compensate for the reduction of torsional strength due to reduced outer diameter.
  3. It is suitable for slim hole drilling, oil well maintenance, small radius horizontal well drilling, vehicle drilling and coalbed methane drilling.

The inner flat drill pipe

The inner flat drill pipe

Reducing pressure loss and increasing hydraulic power is the key to improve drilling speed. The inner flat drill pipe adopts special external thickening technology to increase the inner diameter of the thickening area, and the joint uses large water hole diameter. The inner diameter of the thickening end, the inner diameter of the joint and the inner diameter of the tube are almost the same.

The advantages  are:

  1. Annulus pressure loss is reduced by 20%-50%.
  2. Increase hydraulic efficiency and drilling speed.
  3. The inner flat structure reduces erosion and increases fatigue life.
  4. Reduce the stress concentration at the disappearance of thickened transition zone.
  5. It is suitable for continuous coring and coring.

Aggravation drill pipe

During drilling, the drill pipe is aggravated from the flexible drill pipe to the rigid drill collar:

  • Reduce the stress concentration between drill pipe and drill collar.
  • Preventing differential pressure sticking
  • Intermediate thickening parts can avoid transitional buckling.

Internal control standards:

  • High impact toughness of drill pipe body and joint improves fatigue resistance.
  • The stress relief groove of the joint and the reaming structure after the female joint reduce the stress concentration and improve the fatigue performance.
  • Tube 100%FLUT+100%MPI, joint and welding area 100%UT+100%MPI.

Drill Collar

Drill Collar

Drill collar is a thick wall pipe to drill bit for drilling. In order to meet the requirements of deep well drilling and rigorous drilling conditions, TianRui has strong R&D capability to successfully develop special threads and steel grades for the enterprise, and to meet the requirements of drilling in special environments such as high torsion resistance, sulfur content and extreme cold.

Xi’an TianRui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a solid control euquipment manufacturer combined with R&D,sales and service.

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