Advantages and Disadvantages of Linear Shaker

The main features of TR series of linear vibrating screen:

The force of the screen is even and the life of the screen(hook strip) is much longer than that of the elliptical vibrating screen. The linear shaker has a larger treatment capacity than that of the elliptical one and a higher evenness.

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TR balanced linear motion shale shaker

Disadvantages of linear vibrating screen :

As the vibration direction does not change, the acceleration vector acting on the particles caught in the mesh hole does not change, so that the jammed particles are not easy to fall off. As the phenomenon of blocking the screen hole,the effective filter area of the screen becomes smaller, lowering the processing capacity.When the mesh becomes larger, the screen-blocking phenomenon is more serious. Therefore, it is very difficult to meet the requirements of the drilling fluid treatment when using the super-fineness linear vibrating screen.

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