A Batch of Shale Shaker Parts Delivered to Domestic Customer

The spare parts of FLC2000 shale shaker ordered by domestic customer have been produced and used to replace the vulnerable parts of customer’ shale shaker. This is the second time that customer has ordered from our company, including bolts, side supports, lateral supports, damping strips, and rubber springs.

 Side supports and lateral supports
Side supports and lateral supports
Damping strips
Damping strips
Rubber springs
Rubber springs

We supply

ItemNamePart Number
1Super G force vibration motorSGX55-15-380/400-5-001SGX-44-15-380/400-5-001
2Oil seal (inner seal)G0006038
3Oil seal (outer seal)G0006040
4Rubber bushing element
5Runner seal642979
6Lateral support1649954
7Quick bolt assembly6417-06
9Inner bearingG0006005
11Outer bearingG0006008
12Packing (graphite)G0006010
14Root (Teflon)G0006012
15Mechanical sealG0006013
16Axle sleeveG0006015
17Packing boxG0006017
20Oil seal kitG0006037
21Inner sealG0006039
22Bearing outer sealG0006040
23Washer KitG0006041
24Bearing inner washerG0006042
25Bearing lock nut Kit
26NEMA Standard explosion proof15010-01
27Threaded pipeNPLE-75X600-C
28Sealing plateCRH-EYS-216
29Pipe jointCRH-UNY 205
30Threaded pipeNPLE-75-COND
31Threaded pipeNPLE-75X200-C
33Elbow CRH-EL296
34Threaded pipe NPLE-75X400-C
35Pipe plugSHPP-75
36Threaded pipe COND-75X650
37Junction boxCRH-EAJT36
38 Pipe joint
39Pipe plug SHPP-100
40Threaded pipe COND-75X250
41Cable assembly11881-01-002
42Manual switchSQD-2510-MC03
44Hydraulic pumpG0001992
45Bolt assembly UN3/812048-00
46Damping rubber1129-00
47Cyclone cone (4 inch desilter assembly)10523-12
48Cyclone cone (10 inch desilter assembly)6066-51
50Pressure gaugeSTR-350-1000
51Side support6417-01
52Lateral support6417-06
53Curved neck6431-00
54Supporting frame181-Q-30-304
55Wrench with universal joint5925-01
56Runner seal3660-05-30
57Quick couplingVic-2-78
58Hydraulic hose7308-08-72
60Degassing compressorBW519292(ING-V255BARE)
61Degassing motorBAL-M7047T-1/M15B
63 Pyramid screen 35meshPMD48-30DX-A35
64 Pyramid screen 40meshPMD48-30DX-A40
65 Pyramid screen 45meshPMD48-30DX-A45
66 Pyramid screen 50meshPMD48-30DX-A50
67 Pyramid screen 60meshPMD48-30DX-A60
68 Pyramid screen 70meshPMD48-30DX-A70
69 Pyramid screen 80meshPMD48-30DX-A80
70 Pyramid screen 100meshPMD48-30DX-A100
71 Pyramid screen 120meshPMD48-30DX-A120
72 Pyramid screen 140meshPMD48-30DX-A140
73 Pyramid screen 140FmeshPMD48-30DX-A140
74 Pyramid screen 170meshPMD48-30DX-A170
75 Pyramid screen 200meshPMD48-30DX-A200
76 Pyramid screen 35meshPMD48-30HP-A35
77 Pyramid screen 40meshPMD48-30HP-A40
78 Pyramid screen 45meshPMD48-30HP-A45
79 Pyramid screen 50meshPMD48-30HP-A50
80 Pyramid screen 60meshPMD48-30HP-A60
81 Pyramid screen 70meshPMD48-30HP-A70
82 Pyramid screen 80meshPMD48-30HP-A80
83 Pyramid screen 100meshPMD48-30HP-A100
84 Pyramid screen 120meshPMD48-30HP-A120
85 Pyramid screen 140meshPMD48-30HP-A140
86 Pyramid screen 170mesh PMD48-30HP-A170
87 Pyramid screen 200meshPMD48-30HP-A200


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