5″ Liners and 5″ Pistons ordered by Oman Customer

Recently, we received an inquiry from a new customer in Oman. His demand is 5″ liners and 5″ pistons for 7T450 Drillmec pump.

According to the photos and dimensions provided by the customer, we provided drawings for the customer to confirm. After the customer confirmed, we immediately quoted the prices to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and placed a batch of purchase order with us the next day.

5″ Liner and 5″ Piston
5" Liner and 5" Piston Wooden Packing
5″ Liner and 5″ Piston Wooden Packing

After 15 days of production, we have completed this order and are ready to deliver them to the freight forwarder for shipment to the customer’s destination.

We are a manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of mud pump parts. We can provide many kinds of mud pump parts. If you need any, please contact:< sunny@trsolidscontrol.com >.


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