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TRF series steel frame screen from TR Solids Control

TR Solids Control not only provide all kinds of solid control equipment, but also supply drilling accessories such as  shaker screen, mud pump, double metal cylinder, ceramic cylinder, piston rod and clamps, piston,valve assembly,valve body, valve seat of mud pump, hydraulic cylinder and assembly, bearing for mud pump etc. Here we introduce steel frame screen to you. TR Steel Frame Screen has self-produced steel frame screen. It has many characteristics as follows:

  • Screen panels are composed of two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with steel backing plate and steel frame combined together, which can get an better filtering effect.
  • Screen bottom adopts high strength steel frame, supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cloth. They are combined together to infinitely enhance screen intensity and endurance,and get a better filtering effect.
  • Mesh sizes range from API20 to API400. The whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces, they can prevent part excessive expansion damage. With a special rubber plug together to repair the damage, which can save time to replace the screen, increase efficiency and reduce cost
steel frame screen

steel frame screen


TR Solid Control is a professional steel frame screen manufacturer. We supply all kinds of screens for solid control. It has the features of wear-resisting, long service life, higer flow rate,easy disassembly. Choose TR Screen, choose rest assured.

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