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The function of mud cleaner

How the mud cleaner works
Combine shale shaker with desander and desilter. After the drilling mud is processed by shale shaker, the solid particles become smaller and the content decreases. Further purification of drilling mud is required. Drilling mud is removed from the sand – sinking pump to the sand – removing cyclone by the slurry supply pump. Solid particles larger than 47 microns are mostly ejected and dropped onto the bottom of the sieve through the separation of the cyclone. Further sieving on the bottom sieve, and then it goes out of the tank. And the mud that enters the sand removal bin will be transported to the mud removal cyclone by the mud removal pump again. Most solid particles larger than 15 microns are expelled. Also filtered through the bottom sieve, most of the mud solids falling into the mud bin are less than 15 microns. Sufficient preparation was made for further disposal of the centrifuge.
Scope of application of oilfield mud cleaner
onshore and offshore oil&gas drilling / Coalbed methane excavation / trenchless directional crossing / piling work / waste sewage sludge treatment
In short, the mud cleaner is suitable for the treatment of mud and solid mixture in various
drilling environments
Factors influencing drilling fluid mud cleaner
The depth of the drilling / Drilling fluid performance / Comprehensive drilling environment and conditions / Selection of screen mesh / Selection of slurry pump

Oilfield mud cleaner | Drilling fluid mud cleaner | Mud cleaner

Oilfield mud cleaner | Drilling fluid  cleaner | Mud cleaner


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