shaker screen manufacturer|shale shaker screen supplier

shaker screen manufacturer|shale shaker screen supplier

TR is China shaker screen manufacturer and shale shaker screen suplier More »

Hookstrip Flat Screens|DERRICK 503 Screen|DERRICK FLC2000 Screen

Hookstrip Flat Screens|DERRICK 503 Screen|DERRICK FLC2000 Screen

Hookstrip Flat Screens are the series applied most widely at present.DERRICK FLC503 Screen|DERRICK FLC2000 Screen More »

Brandt Shaker Screen|Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen

Brandt Shaker Screen|Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen

TR Solids Control Supplies Brandt Shaker Screen and Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen. More »

FLC Polyure Screen,PMD& FLAT Shaker Screen

FLC Polyure Screen,PMD& FLAT Shaker Screen

Derrick Shale Shaker is Drilling Linear Shale Shaker,TR is Mud Linear Shale Shaker Manufacturer. More »


Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge Dewatering System

Technical Parameter


Oven dry sludge capacity


Solid content in sludge

Sludge capacity

18~24 m3/h

Clear liquid solid content

Inlet ludge water content


Outlet Sludge water content

Less than 30%

Electricity consumption


Flushing water consumption


Addition Rate of Polymer Flocculant

DS ~0.8%

Maintaining management frequency


Water supply pressure


Net weight


Operating weight


Sludge Dewatering System

Setting environment

Temperature Scope of Application

-10℃ ~ +40℃ (No ice.)

Applicable range of humidity

Max. 90%RH  (No condensation)


Below altitude 1000m

Supply voltage

Three-phase 380V 50Hz

Water supply pressure


※ This Sludge Dewatering System belongs to indoor specifications. Please set it indoors.

※ Please set it up according to the specifications and drawings.

Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge Dewatering System

Diameter parameters of each pipe

Sludge Conveyor inlet


Pharmaceutical liquid delivery port


Filtrate outlet


Water supply outlet


Return flow


Mixed flocculation tank emptying


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Maintenance of Shale Shaker Vibration Motor

Maintenance  of  Vibration Motor:

  1. Clean the dust on the casing regularly.

  2.  Before using, it is necessary to check whether the fixing bolt of the vibrating motor is loose or not. Otherwise, it must be tightened before it can be used.

  3. Check whether there are friction, buried pressure, squeezing and other phenomena in the cable introduced by the vibrating screen.

  4. Good lubrication should be guaranteed during the operation of the vibrating screen motor.

A suitable amount of LGHP2 high temperature grease specially designed by SKF company. It was filled in the inner space of the bearing before the motor was assembled. Tthe applicable temperature was -40~200 C.

The LGHP2 grease is supplemented once with a refueling gun for every 2000 running hours. The amount of the grease in each bearing is not more than 25.8g.

If the average daily temperature rise of bearings is found during 2000 hours (temperature rise refers to the measured temperature of the bearing position of the motor housing minus the ambient temperature, which requires that the temperature rise of bearings be monitored every half-month), it is possible that the bearings may not be lubricated enough by floating above 10 C. At this time, the lubrication period and the amount of supplementary grease should be reduced at the same time as appropriate, and in principle, it should be kept in each bearing every 2000 hours interval. The total amount of grease supplement is not more than 25.8g. For example, when the lubrication cycle is half as normal (1000 hours), the amount of supplementary grease is no more than 12.9g. The average daily temperature rise of bearings is reduced by half at the same time for every 10 C lubrication cycle and the amount of supplementary grease.

In order to ensure the normal operation of bearings, LGHP2 high temperature grease must be used, and the oil injection hole should be wiped clean before adding fresh grease.Normally the bearing will have a natural temperature rise for one or two days after just lubricating or re-lubricating.In order to prevent dust from entering the oil injection hole, damaging the bearing and sealing the oil injection hole with oil cup in peacetime.

      5. Insulation measurement of motor windings should be carried out when the equipment is used after a long period of downtime. Measuring insulation resistance with 500V megohmmeter should not exceed 0.5MSZ before it can be used.
Shale Shaker with Vibration Motor

Shale Shaker with Vibration Motor


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Effect of Screen Surface Structure of Mud Shale Shaker on Solid Phase Control

Mud Shale Shaker

Mud Shale shaker as a first-class solid control equipment, the relative movement between the screen surface and drilling mud is a necessary condition for screening. In screening machine, the movement of drilling mud to screen surface mainly includes vertical movement and movement.

The structural parameters and movement properties of the screen surface of the mud shale shaker, the ratio of the screen hole area to the total area on the screen surface is called the opening rate. The larger the opening rate, the higher the screening efficiency and productivity of the mud shale shaker. Therefore, the screen surface mostly adopts square sieve hole, but it is better to use circular hole when the water content is high and the particle size is small.

The screen surface of mud shale shaker which moves vertically is not easy to be blocked by drilling mud, the looseness of the layer is increased, and the segregation rate is also high. The movement frequency and vibration amplitude of the screen surface also affect the movement speed of drilling mud particles on the screen surface and the probability of passing through the screen hole, which has a great influence on the screening efficiency, and the screening of drilling mud is not complete.

TRZS585 Mud Shale Shaker

TRZS585 Mud Shale Shaker

In view of these problems and combined with the situation on the spot, we can do the following several coping strategies:

1. Increasing the screening rate of mud shale shaker screening can adjust the feeding mode. Without careful consideration of the spatial location of the site, the feeding is not along the full screen width, which will inevitably result in the inadequate utilization of the screen surface.

2. Under the condition of permissible field conditions, adjusting the inclination angle of mud shaker can be considered. Appropriate inclination angle is beneficial to reducing the thickness of drilling mud and realizing thin bed screening.

3. How to improve the opening rate of the screen plate of the shale shaker screnn. High opening rate is beneficial to improve screening effect. Usually, high opening rate of stainless steel welded sieve plate can be paid attention to.

4. To reduce the porosity of sieve paste, self-cleaning sieve plate, such as spring rod sieve surface, can be considered.

5. For dry screening, the feed moisture should be strictly controlled. When the water content is high, the ingredient screening can be considered.

6. Wet screening, if conditions permit, is the most effective means to improve the screening effect.

7. If conditions permit, a fixed sieve is added at the feeding end and a rough sieve is carried out, then a double or triple mud shaker can be used.

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Solution to Over-fast Damage of Shale Shaker Screen

There are many main reasons for the quick breakage of mud shale shaker, such as unqualified shaker screen quality, tension of shaker screen, wrong steering of vibrating motor and accumulation of clay, which will lead to the quick breakage of mud shale shaker. In order to solve these problems, how should we avoid and make timely adjustments?

Shaker Screen tension is insufficient to cause screen tremor

Shaker Screen tension is insufficient to cause screen tremor, which is usually broken or damaged along the edge of the screen or at the edge of the blanking press strip; screen quality is not up to standard, the screen generally has upper sieve stratification and lower stress layer, requiring that these two layers closely adhere to each other, if the pre-tensioning process is poor, when the bottom of the screen is subjected to.When the force layer is tightened, the layering of the screen is not tightened, and the throwing force of the drilling cuttings decreases greatly when the drilling cuttings are working, so that the drilling cuttings can not be discharged. When the vibration motor steering is wrong and vibration motor steering is debugged, the field operators consider that as long as the drilling cuttings go forward, the method is not suitable. Used for translating elliptical shaker.

The motor rotates inward incorrectly

If the motor rotates inward incorrectly, the projection angle is also forward, but the cuttings have the force of rolling backward. At this time, the speed of the cuttings moving forward is much slower. And the time spent on the screen is long, even the cuttings can not be discharged. How to effectively solve these problems: when the screen box is running, press the stop of the electronic control box.

At this time, the vibrating screen will stop slowly, observe the elliptical track formed by the small points on the side plate when the vibrating screen is running, roll to the sand outlet for correct turning; remove the shaker shield, check whether the apricot eccentric block rotates outward; change any two phase lines in the power supply of the electric control box, and sprinkle some sand on the screen. One of the quicker sand removal speeds is the right direction.

When drilling cuttings accumulate on the screen and quickly damage the screen, we should increase the vibration amplitude

  • When drilling cuttings accumulate on the screen and quickly damage the screen, we should increase the vibration amplitude;
  • Use spraying water to wash the screen and drilling cuttings to reduce the stickiness of the drilling cuttings, but this method is only suitable for situations where water is allowed to be added;
  • Adjust the angle of the screen at the end of the sand outlet to downward, which is conducive to the discharge of cuttings by gravity, but may lead to slurry runoff;
  • Changing the mesh number of screen or adjusting the flow rate of single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of drilling fluid is close to the outlet of screen, and drilling cuttings can be discharged smoothly under the lubrication of drilling fluid.

These are only part of the rapid breakage of the screen screen and the corresponding treatment methods. To solve this problem thoroughly, we need to have a shaker for mud. Maintenance, but also in time to find problems at work and give appropriate solutions.



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Basic Knowledge of Mud Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separator

Drilling fluid mud gas separator is also a special equipment for degassing of gas-immersed drilling fluid. It belongs to the category of atmospheric degassing. It is based on the principle of atmospheric degassing. However, it is the primary degassing equipment for treating gas-immersed drilling fluid. The main difference between the degasser and the drilling fluid is that it is mainly used to clear the large bubbles whose diameter is more than 3 mm emitted from annular drilling fluid. Bubble is a kind of expansive gas filled with drilling fluid in a certain section of borehole annulus. Its diameter is about 3-25 mm. These bubbles cause wells to surge and even eject from the surface of the turntable. In addition, the mud gas separator mainly relies on gravity impact to achieve the mud gas separator, while the degasser uses vacuum, turbulence, centrifugation and other principles. The degasser has much less gas handling capacity than the mud gas separator, but clears the gas more thoroughly. Usually there are small bubbles in the drilling fluid treated by the liquid-gas separator. After passing through the vibrating screen, it is necessary to enter the degasser and then carry out conventional degassing.

Types of Mud Gas Separator

There are two types of commonly used mud gas separator.

1. Bottom Cover Type

The bottom of the degassing tank is closed. The drilling fluid is returned to the circulating tank through a U-shaped pipeline. The height of drilling fluid level in degassing tank can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the height of U tube.

2. Open Bottom Type

The separator tank is bottomless and the lower part of the separator is submerged in the drilling fluid. The liquid level in the tank is controlled by the depth of submergence at the bottom. This kind of separator, commonly known as “poor boy” abroad, shows its simplicity.

The simplest and most reliable mud gas separator is bottom-sealed. Because its drilling fluid residence height is limited by the liquid level height in the circulating tank. The working pressure of the mud gas separator is equal to the frictional resistance when the free gas is discharged from the discharge pipe. If the friction resistance is greater than the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid column in the separator, it will cause “short circuit” and the gas-immersed drilling fluid without separation will be directly discharged into the drilling fluid circulation tank. The short circuit generated by the separator usually occurs under the condition that a large amount of gas (peak value) appears in the re-gas immersed drilling fluid. This indicates that the separator has insufficient processing capacity.

Application Principle of Liquid-Gas Separator

  1. The time required for the separation of drilling fluid and gas depends on the performance of drilling fluid. For example, if the viscosity of drilling fluid is high, the separation will be difficult and take a long time.
  2. Adequate separators and degassing devices must be prepared to treat drilling fluids.
  3. When the mud gas separator is not in use, the drilling fluid in the equipment should be cleaned and flushed with water. It is strictly forbidden to store the drilling fluid in the separator body, otherwise it will not be able to operate normally after drying up.
  4. Generally, the surface of the re-drilling fluid tank is required to be level and solid when the separator is installed. And preset anchor bolt pit.
  5. Lead the exhaust pipe to 60-80 meters away from the wellhead.
  6. When the slurry inlet is connected with the rotary BOP or throttle manifold, it is necessary to close the sewage butterfly valve, open the slurry outlet butterfly valve and connect the pipeline to the drilling fluid tank.


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TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

HDD Mud Recovery System is an important part of directional drilling and pipe jacking construction. HDD Mud Recycling System has the function of recycling, purifying and preparing the mud.

HDD mud recycling system is suitable for construction projects with high mud capacity. Mud recovery system purification process is divided into three stages :The first stge of mud shale shaker,the second and the third stage of desander and desilter.  Both desander and desilter are equipped with underflow shale shaker to further treat solids discharged from the upper equipment. Necessary mud material is added to the purification slurry through mud preparation device, after stirring uniformly to prepare slurry with qualified recovery performance. This reduces the construction cost greatly and protects the environment effectively.

TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

Function of HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD Mud Recovery System is to remove the solid particles contained in the mud from bottom of the well,to prepare and store the mud .

In order to maintain low solid phase and performance in line with the performance requirements of construction technology, fine slurry is supplied to mud pump and injected into the well.  Thereby improving drilling speed, ensuring the quality of well depth, reducing equipment wear, decreasing drilling cost and reducing the occurrence of construction accidents.

TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

250GPM HDD Mud Recycling System Technical Parameters

Model TRHDD-250 Supply Pump Model TRSB4×3-12(15KW)
System Capacity 250GPM(60m³/h) Slurry Pump Model TRSB4×3-11(11KW)
Separation Point 15μm~44μm Mud Hopper Model TRSL100
Desilter Model TRCN100-4N Mud Agitator Model TRJBQ7.5
Vibration intensity ≤7.5G Gross Power 47KW
Upper Screen Area 0.875m2 Total Volume 5m3
Bottom Screen Area 1.4m2 Dimension 4000×2360×3000mm
Hydrocyclone 4in Weight 6000kg
TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

TRHDD-250 Mud Recovery System

We are an exporter of HDD mud recycling system.Our factory approval the API,Solids Control Equipment have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of Chinese mud solids control system manufacturer. We will provide the high quality drilling solids control equipment and best service.Your best hdd mud recycling system start from TR solids control.

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How to deal with slurry running in mud shale shaker?

Shale shaker, also known as dehydration shaker, dehydration shaker, is a screening equipment for solid-liquid separation, mostly used in coal mines, coal yards, oil and other industries, but some users in the use of Engineering slurry problems. So how to quickly solve this problem users? Now let me make an analysis of this problem.

How to deal with slurry running in mud shale shaker?

1. The mesh number chosen is unreasonable.

The disposal capacity of each shale shaker is 50L/s, because the premise of disposal measurement is to delimit according to national scale: 60 target screens are selected to test the mud with a specific gravity of 1.8, and the mud viscosity is river sand with different grain sizes in the mud. Because of the rapid surface drilling, a large amount of solid phase takes up the useful screen area, so the vibration screen can not be used in the shallow section of the screen. Therefore, in the early stage of drilling, the screen mesh with larger holes should be used, and with the increase of drilling depth, more fine screen mesh should be gradually adopted.

2, formation and mud environmental impact disposal capacity.

In another kind of environment, when drilling into loose sandstone or quicksand layer, sand grains are easily trapped in the screen hole, resulting in screening blockage. It is necessary to test the screen mesh of several different number to reduce the phenomenon of screen plugging.

3, check whether the steering of the motor is accurate.

First, remove the vibrator shield and check whether the rotation of the two parts of the motor is outward to the outside. Secondly, if you turn to fault, please adjust the electrical control box into the power supply in two phase lines. Fault Form 1 (two motors twisting inward) can remove drilling cuttings outward, but it is slow; Fault Form 2 (two motors twisting in the same direction), the vibration force is very small, the foundation does not drain sand or dispose of mud;

4. Check the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

The larger the vibration amplitude, the greater the handling capacity,and the vibration power is adjusted to 90% at the factory. If there is a slurry running environment, the pain block angle can be aligned, and vibration force is 100%. (At this time, mud disposal capacity is increased by only 15%).

5. Is it reasonable to check the distribution of liquid flow on the screen frame?

In the shaker with hooked screen layout, the sieve surfaces on both sides are lower than the center, and the mud flows easily to both sides and runs away. It should be ensured that the mud enters the screen frame from the center. At this point, two options can be adopted. One is to adjust the front spring seat to properly raise the front angle of the screen box; the other is to adjust the position of overturning plate of  extension slot to control distribution environment of liquid flow.

Above is the reason and solution of material runaway in mud shaker. If you are interested in shale shaker or encounter difficulties in use, please contact us. TR Solids Control will serve you wholeheartedly.

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