shaker screen manufacturer|shale shaker screen supplier

shaker screen manufacturer|shale shaker screen supplier

TR is China shaker screen manufacturer and shale shaker screen suplier More »

Hookstrip Flat Screens|DERRICK 503 Screen|DERRICK FLC2000 Screen

Hookstrip Flat Screens|DERRICK 503 Screen|DERRICK FLC2000 Screen

Hookstrip Flat Screens are the series applied most widely at present.DERRICK FLC503 Screen|DERRICK FLC2000 Screen More »

Brandt Shaker Screen|Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen

Brandt Shaker Screen|Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen

TR Solids Control Supplies Brandt Shaker Screen and Brandt Cobra Shaker Screen. More »

FLC Polyure Screen,PMD& FLAT Shaker Screen

FLC Polyure Screen,PMD& FLAT Shaker Screen

Derrick Shale Shaker is Drilling Linear Shale Shaker,TR is Mud Linear Shale Shaker Manufacturer. More »


Replacement Derrick Hyperpool Pyramid Screens Shipped to Iraq

At the beginning of August, we received an order of 145 replacement Derrick Hyperpool pyramid screens,and after ten days of production,we completed this batch of shaker screens for new customer. They will be used on their Derrick Hyperpool shale shaker in oil drilling field. Usually shaker screen is fine mesh (single, dual or triple layered) used for filtering and separating drilling cuttings from mud(drilling fluid). It is of great importance to drilling efficiency. TR Solids Control is committed to designing high quality shaker screens to provide our clients the right screen for perfect fit at competitive price.

Derrick Hyperpool Pyramid Screens
Replacement Derrick Hyperpool Pyramid Screens

As for this order, it includes 145 pcs pyramid type with API50,80,100,140,200. Mesh sizes of pramid shaker screen are smaller and thinner than that of the steel frame shaker screen. The fine mesh sizes maximize the solids removal capabilities of the screen. It is suitable for various types of shakers, such as linear motion shale shakers, elliptical and circular motion shale shakers. Polyurethane type screen panel is made of polyurethane sheet with high quality screen surface. This kind of screen is abrasion resistance and much longer service life than the Woven Wire Screen.

shaker screen wooden case
Carton packing and wooden packing of shaker screen

TR shale shaker screens are available for FLC Series, Brandt VSM, Cobra Series, Swaco Mongoose and KEM-TRON shale shakers. We accept customized shale shaker screens according to client’s design. Till now, we have been the leading China OEM supplier of good quality and high performance shaker screens for over 11 years. Our shaker screen has exported to many countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Dubai, Iraq, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and so on.

If you need shaker screens,please feel free to contact us:

Sunny Lee

5″ Liners and 5″ Pistons ordered by Oman Customer

Recently, we received an inquiry from a new customer in Oman. His demand is 5″ liners and 5″ pistons for 7T450 Drillmec pump.

According to the photos and dimensions provided by the customer, we provided drawings for the customer to confirm. After the customer confirmed, we immediately quoted the prices to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and placed a batch of purchase order with us the next day.

5″ Liner and 5″ Piston
5" Liner and 5" Piston Wooden Packing
5″ Liner and 5″ Piston Wooden Packing

After 15 days of production, we have completed this order and are ready to deliver them to the freight forwarder for shipment to the customer’s destination.

We are a manufacturer specializing in producing all kinds of mud pump parts. We can provide many kinds of mud pump parts. If you need any, please contact:< >.

TRJBQ11 Direct-Connected Mud Agitators are Sent to The Drilling Site

The production of 14 sets of TRJBQ11 direct -connected mud agitators ordered by oilfield customer from TR Solids Control have been completed and the delivery. They will serve the mixing of oilfield mud soon.

The mud agitator produced by TR Solids Control has diversified structures, which can meet the needs of different working conditions. According to different installation positions, it can be divided into: top entry agitator and side entry agitator; Top entry agitator is divided into horizontal agitator and vertical agitator; Horizontal agitator can be divided into shaft agitator and direct agitator; The TRJBQ11 mud agitators ordered by the customer this time belong to the direct-connected agitator in the horizontal agitator. The direct-connected agitator is directly connected between the motor and the reducer, which reduces the vulnerable parts of the coupling and has large torque.

TRJBQ11 Direct-Connected Mud Agitator
Direct-Connected Mud Agitator
TRJBQ11 Mud Mixer

The mud agitator is mainly composed of motor, reducer, coupling and mixing shaft. It is a mud mixing equipment in the drilling fluid circulation system, which can also be called drilling fluid agitator. The mud agitator produced by TR Solids Control is suitable for mixing mud in non excavation sites such as oil drilling, natural gas drilling, shield construction and urban pile driving. It has compact structure small floor area; It adopts worm and worm reduction drive, which has the advantages of large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation.

TR Solids Control is a manufacturer of mud agitators. The company can produce mud agitators of different specifications, models and power sizes, which can meet the use requirements of different construction sites. If necessary, please contact:   <>

A Batch of Solid Control Equipment Delivery

After in-depth communication and discussion with customer and on-the-spot investigation of customer, TR has reached cooperation with customer.

A Batch of Solid Control Equipment Delivery
A Batch of Solid Control Equipment Delivery

Dozens of solid control equipment have been completed production and sent to the project construction site on July 12, 2021.

TR Solid Control Equipment Delivery
TR Solid Control Equipment Delivery

This order includes two shale shakers, two mud cleaners, two vacuum degassers, ten mud agitators and four centrifugal pumps.The hot summer can’t stop TR employees from delivering goods for customers. TR employees work overtime to deliver a batch of solid control equipment in advance for customers.Any inquiry, please contact:<>.

Two Sets of CYZ Centrifugal Oil Pump were Sent to Kenya

Today, our factory finished the production of two CYZ centrifugal oil pumps,they will soon be shipped to our Kenyan long-term partner.CYZ type self-priming centrifugal oil pump can be used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, aviation kerosene and other petroleum products, and the medium temperature can be between 20℃and 80℃. It is an excellent marine cargo oil pump, and is suitable for oil transportation of land oil depot, oil tank truck, etc., as well as sea water, fresh water, etc. If chemical liquid is transported, corrosion-resistant mechanical seal can be used.

 Two Sets of CYZ Centrifugal Oil Pump
Two Sets of CYZ Centrifugal Oil Pump

Main performance parameters (test medium is normal temperature water)

ModelCapacitym³/hHeadmNPSHmself-priming performanceMin/5mSpeedR/minShaftPower
40CYZ-40(50CYZ-40)10403.51.529002.850×40(50 )YB112M-24

TR Solids Control is absorbed in developing our product line continuously and offering innovative solutions to our customers. Our company is willing to cooperate and make common progress with friends at home and abroad with first-class products, service and reasonable prices.

Our Factory Delivered a Dryer and a Centrifuge.

On June 11, 2021, the factory delivered a TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer and TRLW355×1250N decanter centrifuge before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. After blanking, welding, processing, heat treatment, assembly, commissioning, painting, inspection and other multiple processes, the two equipment will be sent to the customer site.

 TRCD930C Vertical Cutting Dryer
TRCD930C Vertical Cutting Dryer 

Advantages of TRCD Series Vertical Cutting Dryer

  • Rotary speed up to 900rpm,separate cutting in liquid effectively;
  • Discharge scraper made of high chromium cast iron,long service life;
  • High-pressure air knife effectively prevents the basket block;
  • Replaceable selection parts meet the machine balance;
  • Separate oil cooling system effectively meets the requirements of high temperature environment.
 TRLW355×1250N Decanter Centrifuge
TRLW355×1250N Decanter Centrifuge

TRLW355×1250N Decanter CentrifugeFeatures of TRLW Series Decanter Centrifuge

  1. Straight and cone section of the drum are made from 2205 duplex stainless steel material,adopt centrifugal casting process;
  2. Remaining components of the drum assembly are made from SS316L;
  3. Screw carrier adopts YG6 wear-resistant alloy sheet protection.With long life,easy maintenance and replacement;
  4. Diversion port of screw pusher and slag-drip opening of the drum are protected by replaceable wear-resistant alloy sleeve,prolonging the service life and maintenance cycle.

Xi’an Tianrui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of solid control equipment and solid control system. Its main products include mud shale shaker, drilling fluid desander, drilling fluid desilter,mud cleaner, shear pump, drilling fluid centrifuge, sand pump, mud mixer, drilling cuttings dryer, etc. if you need, you are welcome to contact us:

Solid Control Spare Parts for Thai Client

This week, we completed a batch of shale shaker parts and mud cleaner parts. These parts are to replace the shale shaker and mud cleaner ordered by Thai client in 2018 years.

Swaco Type Desander Cyclones
12 Inch Swaco Type Desander Cyclones

Regarding this order, it mainly includes 3pcs 12” desander cyclones, gauge, manifold inlet, manifold outlet for Swaco 2-12 D-Sander. Also includes hex head screws, hex nuts, lock washes, cable glands for Mongoose shale shaker. They are shipped together for one customer in Africa. In addition to these spare parts, we also provide shaker screens, float mount assy, channel protector, side support assy, cross support assy, lifting device, 10” desander cylone, 4” desilter cyclone for both Derrick and Mongoose shaker and mud cleaner.

 Shale Shaker Spare Parts
Shale Shaker Spare Parts

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud solids control equipment, solid control spare parts, and drilling waste treatment systems integrating product development, production and sales in China for over 11 years. Our solid control equipment and relevant spare parts have been exported to Russia, America, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, African, Australia, Europe etc. All of customers are satisfied with the quality and performance. Please contact us freely for any question or interest.

Pyramid Shaker Screens Shipped to Europe

Shaker screens are common vulnerable parts of all kinds shale shaker and mud cleaner in drilling industry. After 10 days’ preparation and production, we completed 10pcs customized pyramid shaker screens for new European customer. They will be used as samples for testing before batch orders for their NOV Brandt shale shaker.

Pyramid Shaker Screens, oilfield shaker screen
Pyramid shaker screens are completed for new European customer.

Dimension of these pyramid shaker screens is 915×1200 mm. Our client chose API 60, API 80 and API 100 for larger sieving particles application. Since shipment by train is much faster and cheaper, they preferred this method to the station. Compared with hook strip flat and soft screen, pyramid shaker screen has more available screening non-blank areas. Test shows that the capacity of the shaker gets about a three-fold improvement due to the screen’s corrugations. While this screen still maintains the equivalent cut-point level of flat shaker screen. This application reduces the number of shakers. Thus less space and less cost are realized. Three-dimensional shaker screen is absolute a superior replacement screen for many kinds of shale shakers.

Shaker screen for oil and gas, API shaker screens
Shaker screens are common vulnerable parts of shale shaker and mud cleaner.

TR Solids Control could supply one-stop service for all your shaker screen requirements. We have been the leading China OEM supplier with quality, high performance shaker screen for over 10 years. Currently our shaker screens are available for FLC Series, Brandt VSM, Cobra Series, Swaco Mongoose and KEM-TRON shale shakers. We accept customized shale shaker screen as per client’s needs. Please send screen models, size, color, or drawings for an inquiry.

OBM Drilling Waste Management Shipment

As the professional manufacturer in China, TR Solid Control could design and manufacture various model Drilling Waste Management or or Cutting Dryer System according to the customers requirement. On May.10th, one new batch of oil based drilling waste management was shipped to our old customer. Currently this system is widely used in Chinese domestic market for compact structure and high efficiency.

Oil based drilling waste management, Cutting Dryer System
Oil based drilling waste management was shipped to our old customer.

This system is composed of TRCD930C vertical cutting dryer, TRLW355N-1 high speed centrifuge, mud tank, centrifuge supply pump and other auxiliary accessories. Processing capacity of our dryer could reach up to 30-50 T/h with basket diameter 930mm. Rotary speed is 900r/min. Bowl diameter of our TRLW355N-1 centrifuge is 350mm, and bowl length is 1250mm. Processing capacity is 40m3/h. TR drilling waste management system can effectively control the moisture content (6%-15%) and oil content (2%-8%) in drilling cuttings, and stabilizes the liquid phase performance.

Drilling Cuttings Treatment, vertical cutting dryer
TR drilling waste management have compact structure and high efficiency.

TR Solids Control is one of the most famous international brand for Mud Solids Control System & Drilling cuttings Management in China. We have one stop service for Solids Control Solution of your oil gas drilling, CBM drilling, HDD, and water well drilling as well as the construction drilling mud treatment etc. For more information about our drilling waste management, please visit:

TRZCQ360 Vacuum Degasser Will be Exported to Pakistan

Xi’an Tianrui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vacuum degasser. TRZCQ360 vacuum degasser ordered by our old customer this time is the fourth order of the customer in our company. Before that, they also ordered two batches of desander for Dubai oilfield site, and the mud gas separator was used in Iraq oilfield site.And this vacuum degasser will be used in Pakistan Rig.

TRZCQ360 Vacuum Degasser
TRZCQ360 Vacuum Degasser

At the time of receiving the inquiry from the customer, the customer attached detailed parameters , which are same as our standard model. Then we quote according to all the requirements of the customer.The customer finally accepted the price and placed a purchase order to us.

TRZCQ360 Vacuum Degasser
TRZCQ360 Vacuum Degasser

The detailed parameters as below:

Products NameVacuum Degasser
Body Diameter1000 mm
Capacity360 m³/h
Vacuum Degree-0.03~-0.045 MPa
Transmission Ratio1.72
Degassing Efficiency≥95%
Main Motor Power37 kW
Vacuum Pump Power7.5 kW
Impeller Speed880 r/min
Explosion Proof StandardExdIIBt4
Weight1800 kg

We are a manufacturer of solid control equipment and solid control system. It can provide customized parameters for customers, that is to produce suitable equipment and systems for customers according to the requirements of customers. If necessary, you can contact and communicate at any time.

Contact number: +86 13186019379.