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Swaco VSM100 Shaker Screen Shipped to European

TR Solids Control is a professional and well-known supplier of all kinds of shaker screen in China. At this week, we completed a new batch of VSM100 pyramid shaker screens at our workshop. Now they are ready for shipping to European. What’s more, they are along with wedges of Mongoose screen. All of these spare parts will install on Swaco shale shaker in client’s oil drilling field.

PMD shaker screen, factory price shaker screen, drilling fluid shaker screen

VSM 100 replacement shaker screens are ready for shipment.

The size of this PMD shaker screen is 920*635*28mm. They will be used for Swaco VSM100 shale shaker. TR shaker screens are popular with more and more users. Our shaker screen mesh ranges from API 20 to API 325. We are confident with high quality and performance of our shaker screen. The reliable and stable quality is from high quality raw material, strict technique process and inspection.

API shaker screen, shale shaker screen, oilfield shaker screen

VSM100 PMD shaker screens packing.

Are you finding a stable supplier of shaker screen? Please feel free to contact TR Solids Control for any demand or question. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit. Meanwhile, we supply solid control equipment such as mud agitatorshale shakermud cleanerdesanderdesiltercentrifugal pump, shear pumpdecanter centrifuge, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, etc. Contact with us for free quote!

Feature of Swaco mongoose screen

SWACO is a very famous shaker screen company, and Mi-Swaco mongoose screen is used for Mi Swaco mongoose Pro Shaker. Swaco mongoose Screen is made by polyurethane material frame with two or three layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth.

mongoose shaker,Swaco Mongoose screen
mongoose shaker,Swaco Mongoose screen

1.High strength plastic frame and moderate tension screen cloth that form a reliable whole, so it greatly enhance the tolerable flow.
2.The screen is divided into several independent small cloths to pervent excessive expansion of local damage. At the same time, with a special rubber plug to repair the damage,it can save the use time and reduce the use cost.
3.Rapid wedge tensioning devices make the installation of the composite frame screen more convenient, and save the time of changing the screen by stop the machine.
4.Excellent polyurethane material of the frame enhance the corrosion resistance of the composite frame screen greatly. It have a good stock absorption and extend the working life of the composite frame screen.

swaco shaker screen,mongoose scree
swaco shaker screen,mongoose scree

Correct Installation Method of Shale Shaker Screen

Installation of Shale Shaker Screen:

Operators should stand on the tensioned side of the screen when carrying out the installation procedure of the shale shaker screen described below. The whole installation procedure can be carried out from this side of the machine. The screen can be installed according to the following steps:

  1. Stop mud feeding into hopper and desander or mud shale shaker;
  2. Removal of residual substances on the surface of shaker screen.
  3. Stop supplying power to the exciting motor and hang out the power cut sign to lock the motor.
  4. Rotate the tension nuts of the two tension assemblies counterclockwise to the end (loosen).
  5. Place the outer edge of the shaker screen on the inner wall of the screen and slightly above the fixed clip finger.
  6. Move the shaker screen down to the outer edge of the sieve plate with fixed clip finger.
  7. Continue to lower the shaker screen until it touches the lateral support of the shaker bed, and the fixing clip finger is fully combined with the screen plate hook.
  8. Put the opposite side of the shaker screen on the adjustable clip finger, and put the shaker screen into the clip finger with a hook belt.
  9. Turn a tensioning nut of the tensioning assembly clockwise by 90 degrees, and begin to exert tension force on the shaker screen cloth to fix the shaker screen in place. But this time, the tension nut can not be turned clockwise to the bottom (180 degrees).
  10. Turn the second tensioning nut 180 degrees clockwise.
  11. Return to a tensioning nut and turn the nut 90 degrees clockwise to the position of full clamping.
  12. Make sure that the shaker screen is fully in contact with the lateral support, the lateral support and the channel protection device. If the mud sieve cloth is loose or corrugated, reduce the tension as shown above and readjust the adjusting nut so that the mud sieve cloth can contact the screen bed completely smoothly.

Delivery of High Frequency and High Amplitude Shale Shaker

Xi’an TianRui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise. We mainly produce oil drilling solid control equipment, waste treatment equipment, shield mud treatment system, HDD mud recovery system, construction piling , etc. After several years of development and growth, we have become a well-known international and domestic manufacturer in China.

Mud shale shaker,shale shaker

Mud shale shaker,shale shaker

On May 10th, 2019, six shale shakers elaborately produced by us were completed and sent to the drilling site on time. Although the current large market environment is not good, Xi’an TianRui Company, with its strong R&D technology team and good market customer feedback, constantly updates its products, has fully achieved the trust of domestic and foreign market customers. The international market share has gradually increased.

TR Shale Shaker

TR Shale Shaker

In order to adapt to the current severe market environment,Xi’an TianRui has recently increased the research on new products, expanded new areas of equipment, to adapt to market forms. Instead of lowering prices to improve competitiveness, as some enterprises do, lowering prices means lowering costs. How can we reduce costs in the current environment of soaring steel prices? It can only be maintained by reducing the thickness of steel plates and the quality of electrical appliances and motors. In that case, the product quality is not guaranteed, we never sacrifices product quality to get orders.

Xi’an TianRui TRZCQ270 Vacuum Degasser to Qingdao Port

The TRZCQ270 vacuum degasser manufactured by Xi’an TianRui has arrived at Qingdao Port.

Vacuum degasser is mainly used to remove small bubbles less than 0.8mm in diameter in gas-invaded drilling fluid during drilling in oil field. It is a safe and environmentally friendly drilling fluid vacuum degasser. According to its working principle, it is also called negative pressure degasser. Vacuum degasser plays an important role in restoring the proportion of mud and stabilizing mud performance. The TRZCQ270 vacuum degasser ordered by this customer is used in the matching of foreign oil drilling site. This time the customer wants very urgently and gives us very short production time. This is the first cooperation between us and our customer.The customer is afraid that we can not deliver the goods on time and miss the shipping date. We tell the customer that we can rest assured that the matter is handed to us. Our purpose of TianRui is to — customer. Customer satisfaction is the highest pursuit of TianRui Solids Control, we only promise to do absolutely 200% of our efforts to complete, we constantly send photos to customer in the production process and inform the production progress, so that customer can rest assured until our equipment arrives at Qingdao Port safely; Customer is very satisfied with our cooperation, and express their willingness to establish a long-term with us.

The diameter of TRZCQ270 vacuum degasser cylinder ordered by this customer is 800 mm, the processing capacity is 270 ³/h, the vacuum degree is – 0.03 ~ – 0.045 MPa, the transmission ratio is 1.68, the degassing efficiency is more than 95%, the main motor power is 22 kw, the vacuum pump power is 3 kw, the impeller speed is 870 r/min, the explosion-proof standard ExdllBt4, the weight is 1350 kg, and the shape size is 2000 mm *1000 mm *1670 mm. Besides TRZCQ270, there are also TRZCQ240, TRZCQ300, TRZCQ360 and other models, which can be used to select suitable drilling fluid vacuum degasser according to customer’s requirements.


Xi’an TianRui is a professional manufacturer of solid control equipment. Our company has passed API certification, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QHSAS18001 certification of solid control equipment and system manufacturing enterprises. The company has a strong design, R&D team and orderly production. The company has established an experienced quality inspection team and established a perfect product quality inspection standard, the quality inspection team strictly inspects each part, and after the completion of the equipment, carefully debug each equipment, to ensure that each equipment delivered to customers can work safely and normally. Xi’an TR Solids Control will not fail everyone’s recognition and trust!

If you need more information about vacuum degasser or other solid control equipment, please feel free to contact us.

Mud Agitator for European Client

At this week, TR Solids Control finished the fabrication of 10pcs mud agitator for our European client. Now they have been ready for shipment. These agitators will be used in their horizontal directional drilling field. This is the first time they purchased solid control equipment from TR. Agitator’s power ranges from 5.5kw to 11kw, and they belong to coupling type agitator.

Solid control mud agitator, drilling fluid mud agitator, good quality mud agitator

TR mud agitators are ready for shipment.
Factory price mud agitator, China mud agitator supplier, mud agitator for sale

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud agitator.

TR Solids Control supply JBQ series mud agitator with competitive price and top quality. Besides, our shale shaker, mud cleanerjet mud mixerdecanter centrifuge, mud gas separator, vacuum degasser, shear pumpcentrifugal pump and shaker screens are popular among clients. We welcome your inquiry at any time!

TR Shale Shaker Booster Geothermal Well Drilling

Drilling shale shakers fabricated by TR Solids Control have arrived and completed installation in domestic drilling site. They will booster geothermal well drilling for our client. TR mud shale shaker is the basic equipment for mud purification equipment in geothermal drilling industry. Currently it’s more and more popular among our clients.

Drilling fluid shale shaker, mud shale shaker for sale, oilfield shale shaker

Workers are checking TR shale shaker.

In the past few years, most geothermal drilling in China still uses mud pit for sedimentation mud. As the strict requirements of national environmental protection, some drilling companies begin to use drilling mud purification system. A drilling company in China improves their mud purification process firstly. After using TR shale shaker, it reduces the amount of mud transportation to the outside place. Besides, our shakers make them reduce the mud weight quickly and effectively, thus reducing the risk of drilling struck. For geothermal drilling, mud shale shaker reduces demand for drilling mud materials effectively, and reduces drilling cost.

Factory price shale shaker, elliptical balanced shale shaker, mud shale shaker

TR drilling shale shaker in drilling field.

TR Solids Control has always adhered to corporate philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction is the highest pursuit”. We develops new mud cleaning equipment continuously. We are grateful to our customers for their trust. Welcome you to consult our hot product like drying shaker, mud cleaner, jet mud mixercentrifugal pumpshear pump, screw pump, mud gas separator, flare ignition device etc.

TR Solids Control in the 19th CIPPE

‪Xi’an TR Solids Control participated in the 19th CIPPE from March 27th to 29th. We showed the dual motion shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pump in the fair.‬

The dual track shale shaker produced by TR Solids Control is a modern new-type shaker integrating the advantages of linear motion shaker and balanced elliptical motion shaker. This shaker is composed of 2*1 2kw+1.0kw vibration motors. It can meet separation requirements of drilling fluids under various conditions, and it has advantages of large capacity and good separation effect. In addition, our TRLW355*1250 high speed centrifuge is also a major highlight on the exhibition. It is made of SS2205 by centrifugal casting, which greatly enhances strength and rust resistance. Blades of spiral propeller are inset with hundreds of alloy sheets, making the centrifuge have better wear resistance and longer service life.

Dual motion shale shaker
Dual motion shale shaker
Decanter centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge

They attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit, and many of customers inquired on the scene. Then they showed high evaluation from them.

Talking with Australian customers about shale shaker.
Talking with Australian customers about shale shaker.
Exchange business cards with customers
Exchange business cards with customers

TR team achieved great success on this exhibition. We not only made publicity for our company and products, but also enabled our customers to have a much detailed understanding about us, and reached a framework agreement for later cooperation. Thanks for all your visiting and support. TR Solids Control will serve our customers with professional knowledge and best product continuously.

TR team in the 19th CIPPE
TR team in the 19th CIPPE

TianRui Solids Control is one of China’s API and leading manufacturer of solid control equipments. Pls feel free to contatc with us for more detail or suggestions.

Welcome to Visit TR E3370 in CIPPE Beijing 2019 From March 27-29th.

TR Solids Control will attend the 19th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE 2019) will be held at New China International Exhibition Center from March 27-29th, 2019. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at E3370. It’s in E3 Hall. TR will exhibit our shale shakerdecanter centrifugecentrifugal pump. We prepare special gifts for you. We are waiting for your visit.

China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Abbr. cippe) is a grand gathering in petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a magnificent exhibition space over 90,000 sqm, CIPPE Beijing 2019 will attract 1,800 exhibitors from 65 nations and regions, 16 international pavilions and 117,000 professional visitors. It has become one of the leading annual world petroleum & petrochemical equipment events.

TR in CIPPE 2019, TR Solids Control, China solid control supplier

Below is TR information of CIPPE 2019:

Exhibition Name: The 19th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CIPPE 2019)

Exhibition No.: E3370

Exhibition Time: March 27th -29th, 2019

Exhibition Product: Shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump

Exhibition Location: China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

Metal Bushing Installation

Pressure Assembly

Typically,the bearings can be used to pressure the assembly with the installation,assembly,slowly push the mandrel should be used to prohibit the direct hit to avoid deformation of the bearing,the assembly should ensure that the seat before the hole smooth surface without foreign body.

Cooling Assembly

By liquid nitrogen or dry ice compared with cold press-fit assembly with mechanical press-fit method is more effective,then the standard freezing temperature of -40℃~-70℃ ,freezing time is generally 1 hour or more,according to the specific needs of parts of the wall thick and with tolerance.

It is recommended to install the thrust washers and sliding plates with the hollow indented housings.To avoid the moving of such parts,a dowel pins is recommended to be installed.

1.Dowel pin application(thrust washer)

2.Inlaid installation(Plate)

3.Flat head screw application