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TR Shale Shaker Booster Geothermal Well Drilling

Drilling shale shakers fabricated by TR Solids Control have arrived and completed installation in domestic drilling site. They will booster geothermal well drilling for our client. TR mud shale shaker is the basic equipment for mud purification equipment in geothermal drilling industry. Currently it’s more and more popular among our clients.

Drilling fluid shale shaker, mud shale shaker for sale, oilfield shale shaker

Workers are checking TR shale shaker.

In the past few years, most geothermal drilling in China still uses mud pit for sedimentation mud. As the strict requirements of national environmental protection, some drilling companies begin to use drilling mud purification system. A drilling company in China improves their mud purification process firstly. After using TR shale shaker, it reduces the amount of mud transportation to the outside place. Besides, our shakers make them reduce the mud weight quickly and effectively, thus reducing the risk of drilling struck. For geothermal drilling, mud shale shaker reduces demand for drilling mud materials effectively, and reduces drilling cost.

Factory price shale shaker, elliptical balanced shale shaker, mud shale shaker

TR drilling shale shaker in drilling field.

TR Solids Control has always adhered to corporate philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction is the highest pursuit”. We develops new mud cleaning equipment continuously. We are grateful to our customers for their trust. Welcome you to consult our hot product like drying shaker, mud cleaner, jet mud mixercentrifugal pumpshear pump, screw pump, mud gas separator, flare ignition device etc.

TR Solids Control in the 19th CIPPE

‪Xi’an TR Solids Control participated in the 19th CIPPE from March 27th to 29th. We showed the dual motion shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pump in the fair.‬

The dual track shale shaker produced by TR Solids Control is a modern new-type shaker integrating the advantages of linear motion shaker and balanced elliptical motion shaker. This shaker is composed of 2*1 2kw+1.0kw vibration motors. It can meet separation requirements of drilling fluids under various conditions, and it has advantages of large capacity and good separation effect. In addition, our TRLW355*1250 high speed centrifuge is also a major highlight on the exhibition. It is made of SS2205 by centrifugal casting, which greatly enhances strength and rust resistance. Blades of spiral propeller are inset with hundreds of alloy sheets, making the centrifuge have better wear resistance and longer service life.

Dual motion shale shaker
Dual motion shale shaker
Decanter centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge

They attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit, and many of customers inquired on the scene. Then they showed high evaluation from them.

Talking with Australian customers about shale shaker.
Talking with Australian customers about shale shaker.
Exchange business cards with customers
Exchange business cards with customers

TR team achieved great success on this exhibition. We not only made publicity for our company and products, but also enabled our customers to have a much detailed understanding about us, and reached a framework agreement for later cooperation. Thanks for all your visiting and support. TR Solids Control will serve our customers with professional knowledge and best product continuously.

TR team in the 19th CIPPE
TR team in the 19th CIPPE

TianRui Solids Control is one of China’s API and leading manufacturer of solid control equipments. Pls feel free to contatc with us for more detail or suggestions.

Welcome to Visit TR E3370 in CIPPE Beijing 2019 From March 27-29th.

TR Solids Control will attend the 19th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE 2019) will be held at New China International Exhibition Center from March 27-29th, 2019. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at E3370. It’s in E3 Hall. TR will exhibit our shale shakerdecanter centrifugecentrifugal pump. We prepare special gifts for you. We are waiting for your visit.

China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Abbr. cippe) is a grand gathering in petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a magnificent exhibition space over 90,000 sqm, CIPPE Beijing 2019 will attract 1,800 exhibitors from 65 nations and regions, 16 international pavilions and 117,000 professional visitors. It has become one of the leading annual world petroleum & petrochemical equipment events.

TR in CIPPE 2019, TR Solids Control, China solid control supplier

Below is TR information of CIPPE 2019:

Exhibition Name: The 19th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CIPPE 2019)

Exhibition No.: E3370

Exhibition Time: March 27th -29th, 2019

Exhibition Product: Shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump

Exhibition Location: China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

Metal Bushing Installation

Pressure Assembly

Typically,the bearings can be used to pressure the assembly with the installation,assembly,slowly push the mandrel should be used to prohibit the direct hit to avoid deformation of the bearing,the assembly should ensure that the seat before the hole smooth surface without foreign body.

Cooling Assembly

By liquid nitrogen or dry ice compared with cold press-fit assembly with mechanical press-fit method is more effective,then the standard freezing temperature of -40℃~-70℃ ,freezing time is generally 1 hour or more,according to the specific needs of parts of the wall thick and with tolerance.

It is recommended to install the thrust washers and sliding plates with the hollow indented housings.To avoid the moving of such parts,a dowel pins is recommended to be installed.

1.Dowel pin application(thrust washer)

2.Inlaid installation(Plate)

3.Flat head screw application

Various Replacement Shale Shaker Screen

Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco Moongoose / Meerkat

Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco D380

Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for Brandt Cobra/ Venom

Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for Brandt VSM 300 Series

Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for FSI 5000

 TR Steel Frame Replacement Shale Shaker Screen Basic Information

Replacement Shaker ScreenDimension (L×W)Approx. WeightNumber of LayerScreen Material
Frame Material
For MI-Swaco Mongoose1165×585mm12 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316
Carbon Steel
For MI-Swaco D3801180×712mm14 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316
Carbon Steel
For NOV Brandt Cobra635×1250mm15.5kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316
Carbon Steel
For Brandt VSM300 Scalping940×676mm12 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316
Carbon Steel
For Brandt VSM300 Primary890×686mm11 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316
Carbon Steel
For Brandt VSM300 Secondary200×686mm4.3 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316
Carbon Steel
For Fluids System FSI 50001067x737mm
2 or 3

SS304 or SS316

Carbon Steel

TR Composite Frame Replacement Shaker Screen Basic Information

Replacement Shaker ScreenDimensionApprox. WeightNumber of Mesh LayerScreen MaterialFrame Material
For MI-Swaco Mongoose585x1165mm133SS304 or SS316Composite Material
For NOV Brandt Cobra635×1250mm15.5kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Composite Material
For NOV Brandt VSM300 Primary890×685mm123SS304 or SS316Composite Material

Replacement Shaker Screen for Derrick FLC 500 & FLC 2000 (48-30) Series PWP

Replacement Shaker Screen for Derrick FLC 500 & FLC 2000 (48-30) Series

Replacement Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco ALS

TR Hook Strip Replacement Shaker Screen Basic Information

Replacement Shaker ScreenDimension(L×W)Approx. WeightNumber of LayerScreen MaterialFrame Material
For Derrick FLC500 Series1050×695mm6.0kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
For Derrick FLC2000 Series1053×697mm4.2kg2 or 3SS304Carbon Steel
For MI-Swaco ALS1143×1213mm7kg2 or 3SS304Carbon Steel

Replacement Shaker Screen for Derrick FLC 500 & FLC 2000 (48-30) Series PMD

TR Pyramid Replacement Shaker Screen Basic Information

Replacement Shaker ScreenDimension(L×W)Approx. WeightNumber of LayerScreen MaterialFrame Material
For Derrick FLC500 Series1050×695mm7.8kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
For Derrick FLC2000 Series1053×697mm6kg2 or 3SS304Carbon Steel

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Mission Pump Replaceable Drilling Centrifugal Pump , Used in Oil and Gas Drilling


Centrifugal Pump’s function for transferring drilling fluid or industrial suspension slurry, it can pump viscous and corrosive liquids by use of modern design theory. Compared with the general pump, our pump is with good performance, high traffic, high temperature, long service life, easy maintenance, high reliability and remarkable energy saving characteristics. Now it is widely used around the world on onshore and offshore drilling field. We will provide customers with the best pumps to meet different conditions and requirements.

Design Features of TRSB Series Centrifugal Pump

  1. Impeller with open vane structure
  2. The open vane structure impeller reduces the shaft load to minimum, more suitable for transferring high density and high viscosity mud.
  3. Higher efficiency and longer service
  4. The vane profile complying with the hydraulic principle,
  5. increase the output and efficiency. Utilizing wear-resistant materials for the key parts to prolong the service life.
  6. Axial adjustment structure
  7. Axial adjustment structure makes it free to adjust the clearance between impeller and mechanical seal, ensuring equipment operation more reliable.
  8. A variety of pump casing and impeller can meet different requirements of the customers.
  9. The same power frame reduces the spare parts.

Technical Data of TRSB Series Drilling Centrifugal Pump



TRSB series centrifugal pump is widely used in oil & gas drilling, Drilling Waste Management, city bored piling, trenchless HDD, mining, Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System, Oil Mud Seperation, environment protection, Water Drilling etc.

Competitive Advantages
1. We offer high quality products at competitive price.
2. Shortest delivery time.
3. Flexible payment terms.
4. Timely after-sale service.
5. Most of our equipment can be replaceable with international brands.
6. Our products have been exported to Argentina, Egypt, US, Australia, Romania, Pakistan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Iran, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries.

Company Tenet
Customer’s satisfaction is the highest pursuit of TR Solids Control.

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The Advantages of the Solid-Lubricant-Inlaid Bearings

1.Properly and simply designed,widely used;

Oil offering system is an energy waste and time waste set in mechanical design.There is no needs for considering the oil-putting set in design when using the solid lubricant bearing so it can save the oil-putting equipment and at the same time it also design the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing into alt kinds of shapes in order to meet various needs in special places.Using solid-lubricant inlaid bearing can reduce the costs of the machinery mending and the oil wide range.

2.Being used without oil;

Because of the linear coefficient expansion of the solid lubricant is bigger than that of the metal basement,when the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing starts to operate,the oil film can transfer to the corresponding friction set to make out self-lubricant.So the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing can be used in places where the oil or grease cannot be added.It can make out the self-lubricant function even though under high load conditions.

3.Low cost for usage;

Traditional mechanical design asks for frequently aiding oil and checking if the oil watch and the offering set are through in certain period.Because adding oil at regular intervals causes the pollution to the machine itself and the nearby surroundings and increase the maintenance cost.And when the self-lubricant is made out,it can not only make the surroundings clean but also decrease the cost of using the lubricant.

4.The superior functions can be brought into play under high load and low rotating speed.

The solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing is based on the high intensity brass that is centrifuge cast.And then make out the loading function.Use special graphite that has good self-lubricant properties as lubricant to make out the
self-lubricant so that the bearing has included all of their advantages. It can still bring the superior properties in to play even under high load and low rotating speed.

5.The wear resistance can be brought into play even in places the oil firm form into difficulties because of the reciprocating and rocking movement,starting and stopping;

The arrangement principle of the lubricant of the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing is to ensure that all the parts of the corresponding friction sets have the lubricant function in the operating procession.So the arrangement place of the lubricant should be depended upon the operating direction of the corresponding friction sets.

6.Superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance;

The lubricant of the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing is made of special graphite and PTFE.It has steady molecule structures.The metal basement can be chosen according to the different chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal appliance.So the solid-lubricant-inlaid bearing has the superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

7.The product is more competitive,comparing to the similar kinds of products,this kind of products has longer working life and need seldom maintenance.It has longer replacement circle and good properties.

Working Principle of Centrifuge

What is the working principle of centrifuge? Let’s start with what centrifugation is.

Centrifugation is the use of centrifugal force produced by the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal rotor to accelerate the settling speed of particles in the liquid and separate the substances with different settling coefficients and buoyancy densities in the sample. Therefore, it is necessary to use strong centrifugal force to force these particles to overcome the diffusion and produce sedimentation movement.

There is a cylinder rotating at high speed around its axis, called a drum, which is usually driven by a motor. When suspension (or emulsion) is added to the drum, it is rapidly driven to rotate with the drum at the same speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, each component is separated and discharged separately. Usually, the higher the rotating speed of the drum, the better the separation effect.

TR Series Centrifuge

According to the structure and separation requirements, industrial centrifuges can be divided into filter centrifuges, sedimentation centrifuges and separators.

Filtration centrifuge: centrifuge for centrifugal filtration, centrifuge relying on filter screen and centrifugal force.

The working principle of the filter centrifuge: there are many small holes in the wall of the drum, there is a filter screen (filter cloth) in the wall, the suspension rotates in the drum, and the liquid phase is thrown out of the screen by centrifugal force, while the solid particles are intercepted by the screen, forming a filter cake, thus realizing the solid-liquid separation.

Scope of application: suspension with high solid content and large solid particles (d > 10 um).

Settlement centrifuge: A new type of horizontal screw discharge centrifuge, its working principle is to use the difference of solid-liquid specific gravity, and rely on the centrifugal force field to expand it thousands of times, the solid phase is settled under the centrifugal force, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation, and discharge the body separately under the action of a special mechanism.

The working principle of sedimentation centrifuge is that there are no holes on the drum and no filters. The suspension rotates at high speed with the drum, and different centrifugal inertia forces are produced due to the different proportion of solid and liquid phases. Solid particles with large centrifugal force are deposited on the inner wall of the drum, while liquid phase is deposited in the inner layer, and then separately discharged from different outlets to achieve the purpose of separation.

Scope of application: less solid content and smaller solid particles (d < 10 um).

TR Series Centrifuge
TR Series Centrifuge

Above is the detailed introduction of the working principle of centrifuge, we must understand these principles, in order to better use the practice.

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TR Solids Control wish you Happy New Year

To wish you joy at this holy season.Wishing every happiness will always be with you.Good health,good luck and much happiness throughout the year!May the joy and happiness around you today and always.Please accept my sincere wishes for the new year.I hope you will continue to enjoy good health.May the coming New year bring you joy,love and peace.Season’s greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy new year give you endless brand-new good wishes.Please accept them as a new rememberance of our lasting friendship!

Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge Dewatering System

Technical Parameter


Oven dry sludge capacity


Solid content in sludge

Sludge capacity

18~24 m3/h

Clear liquid solid content

Inlet ludge water content


Outlet Sludge water content

Less than 30%

Electricity consumption


Flushing water consumption


Addition Rate of Polymer Flocculant

DS ~0.8%

Maintaining management frequency


Water supply pressure


Net weight


Operating weight


Sludge Dewatering System

Setting environment

Temperature Scope of Application

-10℃ ~ +40℃ (No ice.)

Applicable range of humidity

Max. 90%RH  (No condensation)


Below altitude 1000m

Supply voltage

Three-phase 380V 50Hz

Water supply pressure


※ This Sludge Dewatering System belongs to indoor specifications. Please set it indoors.

※ Please set it up according to the specifications and drawings.

Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge Dewatering System

Diameter parameters of each pipe

Sludge Conveyor inlet


Pharmaceutical liquid delivery port


Filtrate outlet


Water supply outlet


Return flow


Mixed flocculation tank emptying


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