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Pyramid Shaker Screens Shipped to Europe

Shaker screens are common vulnerable parts of all kinds shale shaker and mud cleaner in drilling industry. After 10 days’ preparation and production, we completed 10pcs customized pyramid shaker screens for new European customer. They will be used as samples for testing before batch orders for their NOV Brandt shale shaker.

Pyramid Shaker Screens, oilfield shaker screen
Pyramid shaker screens are completed for new European customer.

Dimension of these pyramid shaker screens is 915×1200 mm. Our client chose API 60, API 80 and API 100 for larger sieving particles application. Since shipment by train is much faster and cheaper, they preferred this method to the station. Compared with hook strip flat and soft screen, pyramid shaker screen has more available screening non-blank areas. Test shows that the capacity of the shaker gets about a three-fold improvement due to the screen’s corrugations. While this screen still maintains the equivalent cut-point level of flat shaker screen. This application reduces the number of shakers. Thus less space and less cost are realized. Three-dimensional shaker screen is absolute a superior replacement screen for many kinds of shale shakers.

Shaker screen for oil and gas, API shaker screens
Shaker screens are common vulnerable parts of shale shaker and mud cleaner.

TR Solids Control could supply one-stop service for all your shaker screen requirements. We have been the leading China OEM supplier with quality, high performance shaker screen for over 10 years. Currently our shaker screens are available for FLC Series, Brandt VSM, Cobra Series, Swaco Mongoose and KEM-TRON shale shakers. We accept customized shale shaker screen as per client’s needs. Please send screen models, size, color, or drawings for an inquiry.

Shaker Screen Shipped to European

TR Solids Control is a professional and well-known supplier of all kinds of shaker screen in China. At this week, we completed a new batch of pyramid shaker screens at our workshop. Now they are ready for shipping to European. What’s more, they are along with wedges of Mongoose screen. All of these spare parts will install on Swaco shale shaker in client’s oil drilling field.

PMD shaker screen, factory price shaker screen, drilling fluid shaker screen

VSM 100 replacement shaker screens are ready for shipment.

The size of this PMD shaker screen is 920*635*28mm. They will be used for Swaco VSM100 shale shaker. TR shaker screens are popular with more and more users. Our shaker screen mesh ranges from API 20 to API 325. We are confident with high quality and performance of our shaker screen. The reliable and stable quality is from high quality raw material, strict technique process and inspection.

API shaker screen, shale shaker screen, oilfield shaker screen

PMD shaker screens packing.

Are you finding a stable supplier of shaker screen? Please feel free to contact TR Solids Control for any demand or question. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit. Meanwhile, we supply solid control equipment such as mud agitatorshale shakermud cleanerdesanderdesiltercentrifugal pump, shear pumpdecanter centrifuge, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, etc. Contact with us for free quote!

Pyramid shale shaker screen characteristic and main parameter

Pyramid shale shaker screen is named by its special pyramid outer appearance.The main features of pyramid shaker screen made by TR Solid Control are as follows:

  • It is constructed by 2 or 3 layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel cloth combined together on one steel backing plate.The steel cloth is bent to like pyramid shape or wavelike and then is stuck to the steel backing plate with special glue.

    pyramid shaker screen

    Pyramid shale shaker screen

  • Because of wavelike structure,the treatment capacity increased by 25% to 50% compared with the same specification plate screen.

    Pyramid shale shaker screen

  • The installation method of pyramid screen is just like the hook strip screen or the wedge fixing device.
  • The materials can be:stainless steel,plastic,steel and galvanized plate.

TRP Series Of Pyramid Screen Parameter

Model Model for Shaker replaced Mesh Range Dimension LxW(mm) Weight(kg)
TRP-1 DERRICK FLC-2000 PMD 40-325 1053X697 6
TRP-2 DERRICK FLC500 SERIES PMD 40-325 1050X697 7.8
TRP-3 BRANDT BL-50 40-325 635X1253 9.3
TRP-4 TRZS833 40-325 1080X830 10.4

TR Solid Control can provide all kinds of shale shaker screen used in oil drilling site,HDD drilling mud recycling system and other waste management systems.Shaker screen is one vulnerable parts in drilling process.TR provide large number of shaker screen to our clients with high quality and competitive price. Welcome to inquiry us about shale shaker screen or other solid control equipment.



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