Correct Installation Method of Shale Shaker Screen

Installation of Shale Shaker Screen:

Operators should stand on the tensioned side of the screen when carrying out the installation procedure of the shale shaker screen described below. The whole installation procedure can be carried out from this side of the machine. The screen can be installed according to the following steps:

  1. Stop mud feeding into hopper and desander or mud shale shaker;
  2. Removal of residual substances on the surface of shaker screen.
  3. Stop supplying power to the exciting motor and hang out the power cut sign to lock the motor.
  4. Rotate the tension nuts of the two tension assemblies counterclockwise to the end (loosen).
  5. Place the outer edge of the shaker screen on the inner wall of the screen and slightly above the fixed clip finger.
  6. Move the shaker screen down to the outer edge of the sieve plate with fixed clip finger.
  7. Continue to lower the shaker screen until it touches the lateral support of the shaker bed, and the fixing clip finger is fully combined with the screen plate hook.
  8. Put the opposite side of the shaker screen on the adjustable clip finger, and put the shaker screen into the clip finger with a hook belt.
  9. Turn a tensioning nut of the tensioning assembly clockwise by 90 degrees, and begin to exert tension force on the shaker screen cloth to fix the shaker screen in place. But this time, the tension nut can not be turned clockwise to the bottom (180 degrees).
  10. Turn the second tensioning nut 180 degrees clockwise.
  11. Return to a tensioning nut and turn the nut 90 degrees clockwise to the position of full clamping.
  12. Make sure that the shaker screen is fully in contact with the lateral support, the lateral support and the channel protection device. If the mud sieve cloth is loose or corrugated, reduce the tension as shown above and readjust the adjusting nut so that the mud sieve cloth can contact the screen bed completely smoothly.


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